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You Can Rent What? Your Wedding Guests Will Be Floored

    If you want it, you can rent it. Couples are shocked to discover the items they can rent, from everyday tools to unique, special occasion pieces. Rent extra-large garden games, champagne walls, aerialists, a Ferris wheel, or a bounce house. Can you imagine a wedding with a Ferris wheel? For a carnival-loving couple, it might be a dream come true.

    Even if you don’t go to that extreme, there are several things you’ll likely want to rent. Your reception venue may have these commonly rented items available to you. Or they might put you in touch with a rental store that supplies them. Either way, you’ll have many options for what to rent for a wedding to curate the right aesthetic. The beauty of renting these things is at the end of the day, they’re returned to the store never to be seen again. You skip the hassle of reselling and don’t have extra items taking up valuable real estate in your home.  Here are the most common items couples rent for their weddings:

    This next tier of rental items is the sweet spot you want to dip into to create a noticeable impact. If you can incorporate one or more of these things, you might change the look of the entire space — or quickly turn a single space into two separate but purposeful spaces. For example, adding pipe and drape softens the space, tents add formality and separation, and specialized lighting creates immediate warmth. Guests will notice the difference, too. 

    And here’s what you’ve been waiting for — the craziest items you can rent for an upcoming wedding or any special occasion. You might think we’ve lost our marbles, but these fun rentals aren’t out of the question. Someone has probably done it before and if they haven’t, don’t be afraid to pave the way.

    Well, have we completely lost you — or sucked you right down the rabbit hole of exciting and unique wedding rentals? Say you have another idea. That’s great, too! Talk to your local rental store to see if they can help. Store employees are well-versed in the industry and can send you down the right path to renting your dream items. Find a rental store near you using our store locator above.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What should I rent on my wedding day?

    As many items as you can! As you’re considering what to rent for a wedding, keep in mind that rental is more cost-efficient, convenient and sustainable. Rent anything from lighting and entertainment to apparel and accessories.

    How big of a dance floor do I need for 100 guests?

    It depends on how many people you expect to be on the dance floor. A 12 x 12 dance floor can accommodate 35 – 40 people, knowing each person will need about 4 square feet of room to bust a move.

    How can I make my wedding unique and special?

    Personalize as much of the day as possible. Stop by your neighborhood rental store to discuss the options. Chances are their team is extremely versed in catering to unique wedding rentals.