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Crowd-Pleasing Wedding Food Trends in 2024

    Delight your guests with an unexpected pairing, a hyper-local dish or nontraditional wedding fare. Explore the 2024 wedding trends and catering trends you can expect to see a lot of. Perhaps you’ll find one worthy of incorporating into your upcoming celebration.

    Food, but with a twist

    Innovation is top of mind for clients and caterers alike. After all, it’s fun to be different. Play with the idea of food as not only sustenance but also as art. That might mean a beautifully plated entree, deconstructed dessert, sculptural component or food that sticks to one color palette.

    Or, you could turn the meal into an interactive experience. Just about any course and type of food can be tailored to involve guests further. Create a burger bar, for example, that allows people to customize their burger toppings. It becomes more personal when they can skip the onions they despise so much and ensure the ketchup amount is *just* right for their liking.

    It’s no problem keeping an option like this hot and fresh thanks to chafers. Chafers consist of three parts — a water basin, a heat source and a food pan. The heat source heats the water to create steam, which rises and heats the food in the pan above. Discover an array of chafers for rent at your local rental store.

    A second interactive option is to have a chef grill the burger to your guests’ exact specifications, right in front of them. The applications are endless, but the theme is consistent — food becomes a central focus and perhaps even a source of entertainment.

    Global flavors

    Expect the unexpected. You might physically be in Texas, but mentally, you can transport guests to Asia, France or Mexico. The only rule regarding weddings anymore is this: there are no rules! Maybe you and your fiancé have traveled and fallen in love with a certain cuisine. This is the perfect time to recreate that experience and share it with the people you cherish. Perfect the theme with curated, rented tableware, as well. Gold, matte black or antique options will make it an unforgettable experience!

    Alcohol-free options

    Okay, so this doesn’t exactly classify as food but it’s just as important. Alcohol continues to decrease in popularity as younger generations choose alternatives such as mocktails, soda or kombucha. According to Forbes, Gen Z is drinking an average of 20% less than millennials. Consider expanding your drink options outside of the boozy realm for guests who perhaps don’t feel like drinking or who want to switch it up throughout the night.

    Alcohol-free doesn’t need to mean boring, either. Give non-drinkers something to talk about with thoughtfully crafted concoctions. Botanical mixers, dried fruit or edible flower garnishes take a classic lemonade or soda to a more sophisticated level.

    Quick bites and canapes

    Provide small bites throughout the night, brought around by servers, or different food stations as the night progresses. Allow guests to mingle infinitely, without interrupting the fun to sit down for a long dinner. Staff can even deliver late-night snacks to guests on the dance floor (if your venue allows it) to keep the party going.

    Stop by your local rental store to find chafer rentals, as well as chargers, dinnerware, flatware and serving ware rentals. The store employees can help you locate exactly what you need to pull off even the wildest catering ideas. Find a rental store near you using our store locator above.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Beef, chicken and fish are proteins that are well-liked among the general population, stay hot and pair well with many side dishes. Regarding dessert, cake and cupcakes are the most popular choices.

    Traditional plated dinners are becoming less popular, giving way to bites and small plates that keep guests milling around, retaining a lively atmosphere. The guest experience is top of mind.

    What is the next big food trend?

    This year, you’ll see even more plant-based food options, an emphasis on global flavors and the use of healthier ingredients.