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Create a Modern, Whimsical Wedding Using Balloons

    When you’re planning a wedding, your budget can take a hit in a hurry. Balloon decor is one item you can bring in-house to save money and elevate your space. You, your friends or loved ones can create amazing balloon decor for an unbeatable price, without bringing in more vendors. Save your wedding budget for things you absolutely cannot do, whether that’s making your wedding dress, cooking food for the reception or photographing your day (or all three!).

    Get creative and transform a wall, entry or entire space using only balloons. Search Pinterest for inspiration and check out what’s trending among balloon decor companies in major U.S. markets like L.A. and Chicago. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

    Try out DIY wedding balloon arches, garlands and chandeliers

    You can find amazing video tutorials for almost anything, including flowing balloon garlands, Instagram-worthy arches or sculptural balloon chandeliers. Watching an expert go through the process makes it easy to follow setup instructions so anyone and everyone can create beautiful balloon décor! Plus, helium balloon tank rental is very budget friendly, allowing you to do a trial run leading up to the event.

    Go big with statement installations

    Mixing mediums to create dazzling statement pieces is a popular trend that instantly boosts your balloon display. Florals and balloons are the perfect combination to create jaw-dropping floor-to-ceiling balloon installations. Sprigs of greenery and floral stems can be tucked between balloons, adding an extra touch of whimsy to the piece. In addition to the beauty, it brings to a space, it makes the perfect photo backdrop for your guests.

    Have fun with oversized balloons

    Large, circular balloons are a beautiful choice for weddings. They’re an elegant upgrade from traditional balloons with a more prominent, stately presence. Renting a helium balloon tank makes it easy to fill up larger balloons. Plus, if your balloons need to float in the air, they need helium. Without it, balloons will simply sink to the ground. 

    Try one on either side of the ceremony entrance, one by the guest table or as part of the centerpieces at your reception. It’s an instant way to add interest without blocking the view of wedding guests like oversized floral centerpieces can. They’re easy to put together if you have a helium tank on hand, too. Just blow up the balloon and attach string, tassels or a garland of greenery to the balloon knot to complete the look.

    Distribute balloons for your sendoff

    Pass out helium-filled balloons for your guests to hold as you leave the ceremony site, or as you exit the reception area. It makes for a beautiful moment, without the inconveniences that can come along with sparklers or bubbles.

    Deck out your getaway car

    For all of you traditional couples! Tie balloons to your getaway car to add a bit of magic to the drive from the ceremony to the reception. Another idea is to fill up the inside of the getaway car with balloons. Then, as you open the doors to get in, they’ll spill out beautifully into the sky.

    Make your dream whimsical wedding decor a reality by partnering with your local rental store for balloon helium tank rental. Lean on their vast knowledge as you figure out how to bring your ideas to life. Locate a rental company nearby using our store locator above.

    If you have additional rental needs as you continue planning, check out what’s available for wedding rental items through rental stores.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Is it cheaper to rent or buy a helium tank?

    Renting a re-fillable tank saves you up to 50% over buying a disposable tank. Plus, you’re playing your part in saving the planet by choosing to reduce, reuse and recycle.

    How big of a helium tank do I need for 100 balloons?

    It depends. The biggest factor is the size of the balloons. For a normal, 10″ balloon, you’ll need 00.30 cubic feet of helium — which equates to 30 cubic feet of helium for all 100 balloons. Talk to your local rental store to determine the right size of helium balloon tank rental for your needs.

    How many days before an event can I make a balloon garland?

    Create your garland one or two days before the event. Though helium-filled balloons can last 3-7 days, it’s better to play it safe.