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3 Ways to Enhance Your Wedding Reception
    No matter where you plan to hold your wedding ceremony or reception, rental is an easy and affordable solution for just about anything you might desire, making it less challenging to make any type of venue magical and memorable. Both indoor and outdoor spaces can be improved upon by renting the right equipment, décor, or furnishings to suit nearly any budget. Here are a few ways rentals can make planning your special day that much easier.

    For outdoor weddings, plan for both comfort and beauty

    When planning for an outdoor wedding reception, there can be many variables standing between you and the perfect day. There are a wide variety of items you can rent to ease your mind while you plan your outdoor soiree, from tents and table umbrellas to protect guests from the elements to portable flooring to defend against dirt or mud soiling shoes and dresses. Flooring options could include decking, movable tiles, carpet, turf, and even your dance floor. Other wedding reception rental choices include misting fans to keep guests cool, unique uplighting to add flair to your space, and decorative photo backdrops such as a balloon or greenery wall. To enhance the look of your outdoor wedding reception, whether it’s on a beach, in a park or in someone’s backyard, you can also rent architectural elements that will not only create a beautiful ceremony but will produce great photographs during the reception as well. The outdoor wedding section of RentalHQ can help you locate sources in your area for renting gazebos, arbors, arches and columns that will make just the right statement for your big day.

    Make the best of challenging indoor spaces

    If you’re using a non-traditional indoor space, planning a smaller gathering in a large space, or if you’re on a budget, use reception rentals as an easy way to divide an overly large space or to create visual boundaries to contain the wedding reception. You can rent dividers, partitions, or pipe and drape to section off a portion of a large space, which will make it easier to decorate for your event. Always consider your guest head count when you figure out how many tables and chairs you need, and be sure to allow enough space around tables for people to get up, move around, and mingle. If you’re not using a wedding planner, event planning software is available online for helping you figure out your ideal floor plan, or you can consult your rental company professional for their advice.

    Choose a unifying theme for your decorations

    No matter what atmosphere you’re trying to create, it’s best to find a unifying theme, color scheme, or decor style to bring together your wedding reception. Once you and your spouse-to-be have decided on the look you want to achieve, it’s easy to find resources in your area to provide any type of decorations you might want to rent. This could include the types of flowers you select, to balloons, banners, tableware/linens, centerpieces, and more. You can even spice up your event by renting a champagne or chocolate fountain – the options really are endless when it comes to rental! Keeping a cohesive style throughout all your décor elements will elevate your wedding reception and give it a special touch that will be one to remember.

    Best practices

    When planning your wedding reception, local rental companies are excellent resources with expertise, equipment, and decorations at your disposal to make your occasion as amazing as possible. RentalHQ can help you locate a rental store near you with all the furnishings, decorations, equipment, and food preparation necessities to create a wedding to remember. Take your local climate into account when planning your outdoor celebration, and anticipate your guests’ needs by renting the right equipment and furnishings for a successful, memorable reception. Before using any type of rented equipment, review and read all instructions, and be sure to consult your local, ARA-affiliated rental store professional for further directions. Keep rented equipment in good condition and return clean to rental store.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Why should I rent materials for my wedding reception instead of buying? When making the choice between rental and purchasing, consider a few elements: budget, usage, and storage. Renting for your wedding reception allows you to create a unique and amazing event without having to spend over budget on purchasing new decorative items, and removes the need to have your old wedding decorations gathering dust in your basement. Where do I find wedding reception rental companies in my area? Use to find rental companies near you. Enter your desired equipment or decorative elements and location into the search fields to find local rental stores or professionals to meet your needs. Related articles: 3 Ways to Enhance Your Wedding Space with Rentals 5 Outdoor Wedding Planning Tips What You Need to Know About Wedding Rental 6 Ways to Bring Your Inside Wedding Outside 5 Wedding Trends to Inspire You