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Wedding Decor Rentals to Add to Your Lineup This Year

    Wedding trends change and evolve every year, and 2023 is no exception. Regarding decor specifically, couples are searching for ways to stray from traditional wedding decor by adding fresh decor trends to the mix. As a wedding or event planner, it’s crucial to keep up with the industry and find new pieces that feel fresh and modern. The nice aspect about wedding decor rentals is that some elements require a small investment, while others are much larger, allowing you to choose the items that best suit your client.

    Unique structures

    Let’s start with one of the largest investments. Tents and structures can be costly, but their impact is grand. Often, when couples choose to have an outdoor reception, it’s paired with one or multiple tents to ensure guests are comfortable regardless of the weather. This year, couples are looking for more unique tent options that resemble permanent structures. Think tents that are fully constructed of glass or with glass elements, greenhouse-like structures and more. This trend lets you get creative and look at unconventional options that could double as a wedding tent. It’ll be exciting to see what event companies do with this trend in 2023.

    Bold color

    Color in any form — in the dress, in the chairs and in the table settings will be popular. The 2023 Pantone Color of the Year is Viva Magenta, a vibrant pink with red undertones. When opting for colorful rental items, the Pantone Color of the Year is always a good bet. Barbie pink has also been a huge trend and is being capitalized on in whimsical ways such as second bridal looks, bright linens, dance floors and picturesque backdrops.

    Dramatic elements

    Disco is back in a big way. You can get ready for the wedding season by working with your rental store to make sure they stock disco balls, sequined elements, neon signs and prismatic items. Other dramatic decor trends include ceiling installations, whether couples use fabric, florals or something else entirely, and statement aisles, built wider, longer or in an S shape. Consider what you, as a planner, can offer to couples wanting to capitalize on these trends and how you can partner with an event rental store to bring the ideas to life.

    Contact your local rental store to get in on these event rental industry trends. You can rent colorful accents, unconventional tents and trendy decor. If you need it for an event, you can find it at a rental store. For those new to renting, use the store locator above to find one near you.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is the wedding color for 2023?

    The Pantone Color of the Year, Viva Magenta, will be popular alongside other shades of pink. Other popular colors will include earth tones, especially terra cotta, a burnt orange hue. Whatever colors they choose, couples aren’t going to be afraid to use them in a big way.

    Weddings in 2023 will be full of private last dances (a way for couples to end the reception with an intimate moment), over-the-top wedding decor rentals, intimate ceremonies, welcome and after parties, and bold colors. There’s also an increased focus on sustainability that goes above and beyond just biodegradable flatware.

    Are rustic weddings in style?

    Yes, rustic wedding decoration rentals remain extremely popular. The aesthetic lends itself to simple decors like vintage furniture, wildflowers and wood accents, allowing couples to keep a tighter decor budget. The term “rustic” is such a large-encompassing term, though, and couples aren’t turning so much to mason jars and burlap.