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5 Wedding Trends to Inspire You
    While wedding trends come and go, there’s one overall idea trending in 2019 that may just have staying power, and that’s personalization. Couples tying the knot this year don’t want a traditional, cookie-cutter wedding ceremony or reception; they want to make a statement about their lives, their passions, their cultural backgrounds or how they met and fell in love. Here are a few ways you can make your own personalized statement on your special day:
    1. Choose non-traditional décor. Whether by using a more edgy or simply an unexpected color palette, gone are the days when weddings need to be all white and pastels. Use colors that are meaningful to you and your betrothed, not just in your apparel, but in the linens, flowers and other decor at your venue – perhaps inspired by the colors of the school where you met, your favorite sports team or the flag from your background countries. Or ditch some of the traditional floral decorations and replace them with your choice of balloon walls, tall grasses, colorful banners or pennants.
    2. Find a theme that’s YOU. Whether your passion is Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, sailboat racing, bicycling, classic books or the Roaring ’20s, show your family and friends what’s important to you through your ceremony or reception. Couples have found creative ways to express their interests in a favorite book, TV show or movie, a time period, or a country or culture that represents their backgrounds or where they took their first trip together. You can find places to rent all of the equipment, decor and entertainment options you need for your statement theme wedding, from linens, banners, audio equipment, flowers, centerpieces and more at
    3. Minimalism. Less can be more. This wallet-friendly trend is not just about being on a budget. Using a streamlined color palette, clean lines and carefully selected floral or other decorations will simplify, beautify and focus your guests’ attention where it counts: on the couple, their family and friends, and the meaningful bond being celebrated. Minimalism doesn’t mean skimping. Just like interior design that uses limited color choices and select decor elements for more visual impact, a streamlined wedding can be just as beautiful – and even more photographable – than a classic style wedding. Consciously choosing colors and decor that are meaningful to you and your spouse-to-be is the key to a great wedding look.
    4. Personal connections. Find more ways to connect with your wedding guests throughout the ceremony and reception. Personalized gift bags for the members of the wedding party and family members can show how much you appreciate their presence on your special day. Write not just place cards, but personalized notes left at each place thanking your guests and referring to something you like about them or a memory you share – these notes will become treasured keepsakes for your family and friends.
    5. Non-traditional locations. Did you meet your love at the gym? The grocery store? A library, movie theater or park? Maybe you can arrange for part of your wedding to take place at or near that special location. You’ll need to check with the venue for permission or necessary fees, but choosing a location that’s especially meaningful to you can make for a memorable wedding ceremony or reception. Any location can be workable if you can rent what you need at Rental HQ – from tables and chairs to gazebos, tents and other equipment.
    No matter what personalized statement you choose for your upcoming nuptials, make the planning as easy and affordable as possible, since there are so many details to juggle. The American Rental Association makes it easy to locate everything you need in your area: The wedding section of Rental HQ is divided into easy-to-search categories including decorations, entertainment, food preparation and service, outdoor weddings, tables, chairs and staging. Anything is possible to make magic happen for your big day. Related articles: 5 Outdoor Wedding Planning Tips 3 Ways to Enhance Your Wedding Space with Rentals