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Win Over Guests with an Ice Cream Machine Rental

    Who doesn’t love ice cream? Renting a soft-serve ice cream machine for your event is an easy way to make guests of all generations happy. Plus, it’s a refreshing treat during summer events such as weddings, graduation parties, company picnics, birthday parties and more. Here are three reasons why you MUST rent an ice cream machine for your next big event. (Even though you probably don’t need convincing!)

    Endless options

    For both the party planner and partygoers. As a planner, you can decide what you want to offer. The options include a cone or a cup, one flavor, multiple or mixable flavors, traditional or unique flavors, toppings or mix-ins — and the list goes on. Frozen yogurt, custard, dole whips and dairy-free may even be options.

    Your guests will enjoy choosing how much ice cream they’d like, picking one or more flavors, and adding their favorite toppings. People can easily tailor their experience to their likes and dislikes. The result? Very happy party guests.

    Easy setup & cleanup

    Rental stores may set up and take down the machine for you, while some will even provide staff to serve ice cream at the event. Don’t worry if your local rental store doesn’t do setup, you can work through the simple instructions to set up the machine on your own. The store will provide training and instructions upon pickup, which is a great time to ask questions and get their advice on setting up and using the machine. Plus, they’ll only be a phone call away should you need help.

    Rental stores can also supply the ice cream mix, making them a one-stop shop for everything needed for your rental ice cream machine.

    Low-cost option

    Customized cookies or individual cupcakes require an extra set of hands. Someone must nicely arrange them to blend in with the décor. A soft-serve ice cream machine rental, on the other hand, is one machine to set up, and may be a more economical choice for larger gatherings.

    Frozen drink machines are another fun option to have at parties. The syrup for the drinks is mixed with the water before it freezes for a smooth, consistent result unlike anything you can make with a blender. Some machines are made for use with alcohol, while some are not, so double-check that you’re getting the correct frozen drink machine rental.

    Ready to get started? Visit your local rental store to discuss options or find one near you using our store locator above. The store’s employees will work with you to determine the right rental items for your budget. Your event is bound to be a memorable one with this sweet trick up your sleeve. And while you’re there, check out other party rentals such as tables, chairs, and tents. If you need it, chances are you can rent it.