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Here’s How to Determine the Right Party Tables and Chairs for Rent

    It’s easy to get overwhelmed with your rental choices as you’re planning a party — even with something as seemingly simple as tables and chairs. The choices of party tables for rent go on and on.

    For example, do you want round banquet tables? Rectangular ones? Cocktail tables? A combination of different styles?

    And we haven’t even gotten started on chairs. Instead of walking into the rental store without a plan and finding a multitude of options, hone in on the style and formality of your event beforehand.

    You and rental store employees can use that information to determine which party tables and chairs for rent are right for you.

    Event type

    Whether you’re planning a wedding or a backyard barbeque, the event type is one factor that influences table choice. For weddings, you might want both cocktail tables for gathering during cocktail hour and banquet tables for sitting during dinner. For a networking event, on the other hand, cocktail tables might be all you need.


    Knowing the event type isn’t always enough, though. Some weddings are formal, black-tie events, while others are laid-back beach affairs. The formality of the event definitely comes into play. Here are a few examples of how table and chair rental choices can differ between casual and formal events.

    Formal dinner events

    Weddings, galas, fundraisers and corporate celebrations lend themselves well to large, round tables. Round tables encourage conversation among the entire table. If you want to encourage even more mingling, consider adding cocktail tables in a few areas around the venue — or hold a social hour in a second space using cocktail tables.

    When choosing the chair type, make sure they fit well into the overall event design. You want them to blend with the other design elements, not stick out like a sore thumb. Formal chair options might include chair covers or more aesthetically pleasing Chiavari chairs.

    Business-casual events

    Networking or speaking events are great candidates for a conversational setup. Cocktail tables encourage conversation between attendees and allow them to move around the room to meet new people.

    You might not even need chairs at these events. If the event involves a speaker portion, consider comfort over style since people will be sitting for a longer period of time.

    Casual get-togethers

    Rectangular tables are perfect for backyard parties, graduation parties and family reunions. They allow you to seat large groups of people within a smaller area, whereas round tables take up more space. Set up 72-inch or 96-inch long tables in your garage, backyard, driveway or community space. These tables can comfortably fit 6 – 10 people.

    Casual events often don’t have a strong aesthetic consideration, making the chair rental choice easier. Folding chairs are perfect for these events and allow for quick, convenient cleanup.

    Once you’ve determined the type and formality of your event, head to your local rental store. Peruse your table and chair rental options and find the perfect fit with the help of a store employee. Locate a rental company nearby using our store locator above. It’ll help you discover party tables for rent near you.

    Need additional rental items? Check out what’s available for party and event rentals through rental stores.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What are party tables called?

    They might be called banquet tables or cocktail tables depending on the size, shape and height. Ask your local rental company about the types of party tables they carry.

    How many cocktail tables are needed for 100 guests?

    The general rule is to rent one cocktail table for every four event guests. This number will vary depending on the type of event you’re planning, though.

    How many people can sit at a banquet table?

    Round banquet tables are either 60 or 72 inches in diameter. You can comfortably sit 8 guests at a 60-inch banquet table and 10 guests at a 72-inch banquet table. Rectangular banquet tables are either 72 inches long and fit 6 – 8 people or 96 inches long and fit 8 – 10 people.