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Which Wedding Style Best Suits You?

    Congratulations, you’re engaged! Now, it’s time to determine your wedding style. It’s an important decision and one that needs to be made early on — as many other decisions are dependent on it. The venue, food, music, invitations and more are based on what you want your wedding to look and feel like. Having a clear vision from the start will make it easier to execute a beautiful, cohesive event.

    For many couples, their wedding style reflects their lifestyle and personality. If you’re struggling to pin down a style, you can look for design cues in your living space and within your favorite clothing brands. Or, talk with those you’re close to, as they know your personal style best. Of course, you can also steer away from your comfort zone and go with a style that’s a bit unexpected. That’s the beauty of your wedding — it’s YOURS!


    Classic weddings never go out of style. They are simple but don’t mistake them as understated. Classic, traditional, and timeless weddings often include copious white florals, black-tie attire, a stately venue and a beautifully plated dinner. Go with grand, round tables to complete the look. Get started with the Rental Store Locator above or ask your local store about wedding table rentals.


    Maybe you’re a fan of clean lines, geometric shapes and minimalism. The modern wedding style is another popular option. Sleek city venues and especially modern art museums, make the perfect backdrop for glass, concrete, marble and acrylic decor. With minimal decor, you can put an increased focus on other aspects, such as food, drink, and music curation.


    This style varies tremendously. You can choose the era to emulate, from a 1970’s groovy vibe to a 1990’s throwback. Choose a venue that sets the mood, such as a historic building, and pay special attention to the small details as they will really complete the style.


    The components of a whimsical wedding can be hard to pin down, but the feeling isn’t. It’s romantic and enchanting — almost as if you’re in a fairy tale. Backyard weddings and garden locations are the perfect candidates for whimsical weddings. Balloon installations are a fun addition to this style and to create one, you might want to use helium. Use the Rental Store Locator above to find a helium tank rental service near you.


    Rustic, country weddings took over the landscape for years, and they remain popular even today. Telltale aspects of a rustic wedding include wood and lace accents and string lights, which create a casual and inviting atmosphere. Event venues built to look like barns are the primary setting for this style.

    If you’re still wondering, “What is my wedding style?” Continue doing your research. Look through websites that cover weddings and begin to pin down aspects you are drawn to. You’ll find your style in time. Once planning begins, your local rental store can be a monumental help and a great resource. Whether you’re looking to rent wedding centerpieces or need a wedding table and chair rental, you can find exactly what you need at your local rental store.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is the difference between wedding theme and style?

    A wedding theme focuses on a specific subject, while a wedding style refers to the overarching look and feel. First, decide on the wedding style, then decide if you want to dive deeper and add a wedding theme. For example, if your wedding style is vintage, your wedding theme could be 1940’s glamour. Not every wedding will have a theme, but it is a fun way to showcase your personality if you so choose.

    How do I choose a wedding aesthetic?

    If you’ve chosen a venue, it can help determine your wedding aesthetic. After all, it will be the backdrop for your day. You can also consider the season and your personal design preferences, as well as look at real wedding photos to garner inspiration. If the venue is more of a blank canvas, drapery and swag rental can help transform it into a space which suits the desired aesthetic.

    What makes a wedding timeless?

    The easiest way to achieve a timeless wedding is to avoid trends. Trends come and go, but simple, neutral decor does not. White florals, historic details, and black tuxes and accents also contribute to a timeless, classic wedding.