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Table and Chair Rental 101
    Table and chair rental is a natural solution when you need additional seating and tables for any event. Whether it’s a wedding, a baby shower, a party, or you just need additional seating for a holiday gathering, there are many table and chair styles for rent to fit your needs. If you’re ready to find a rental partner for your wedding, party or event, use the Rental Store Quick Locator above to find a table and chair rental provider near you. If you’d like to consider the options, keep reading. There are chair and table rentals suitable for nearly every occasion.

    Types of Chairs for Rent

    Whether you’re hosting a formal gathering for 300 people or a low-key backyard birthday party, keep attendees comfortable while staying true to your style and budget with chair rental. Rental chairs are designed for convenience and adaptability to suit your venue and personal style.. Folding chairs. Black or white plastic folding chairs are usually the least expensive option when looking for chairs to rent. If you’re looking for an upgrade that is still in the folding chair family and relatively inexpensive, look for wooden folding chairs to rent. They come in white, black, natural and dark stain. Stacking chairs. If you need to be able to make room for a dance floor, ceremony space, or anything that involves easily moving chairs out of the way, rent stacking chairs for a good solution. Chiavari chairs. If you’re looking for an elegant, classic solution, Chiavari chairs are a beautiful, yet sturdy solution as they are reinforced with steel tubing. They come in a range of colors designed to help you achieve your look, including gold, silver, black, white, natural, mahogany, ivory and clear. Chair cushions are often available for an additional fee. These chairs also stack. Farm and crossback chairs. Crossback chairs — also known as farm chairs — can be dressed up or down. The wooden chairs feature a supportive back and a wide seat so guests will be comfortable without sacrificing any style. To take the comfort up another notch, add chair cushions for an additional fee. Crossback chairs are stackable. Kid chairs. Kid chair rental is the perfect way to create a kids’ table, corner, activity center or more. Bar stools. Encourage socialization by pairing bar stools with cocktail tables for a cocktail hour or bar area at your wedding, party or event. A wide variety of styles are available to meet your needs. Chair covers and sashes. An additional option is to add fitted chair covers for an elegant solution. White, ivory and black are common selections for chair covers. If you’d like to add a vibrant hue, chair sashes can be rented in a wide variety of colors. Specialty chairs and additional seating. Each rental store may carry other specialty chairs.Throne chairs are made for guests of honor and are large, elegant and made to draw attention. Ghost chairs are often clear and perfect for a contemporary wedding or event. Metal bistro chairs are excellent for a rustic or modern wedding or event. Bellini chairs offer a modern, clean look and may be available in a variety of colors. Benches and even bleachers may be available for rent if you’re looking for alternative types of seating for your event. Whether you’d like a chair from this list or are interested in another option, the best place to start is with a local rental store. If you’re wondering, “What is the best way to find table and chair rentals near me?” you’re in luck. Use the Rental Store Quick Locator tool above. Table and chair rentals go hand in hand. To learn more about tables available, keep reading.

    Types of Tables for Rent

    The location, style and guest list for your wedding, party and event may all play a role in helping you determine the type of seating arrangement you need and the best table configuration to match. Banquet style and family style seating arrangements are the most popular for social events. Classroom style, u-shape, and hollow square configurations are common for learning and business events. Here’s a breakdown of the table rentals used to make events of all magnitudes possible. Round tables. Rented round tables seat anywhere from two to 14 people depending on size, which ranges from 24 inches to 84 inches in diameter. The most popular round table rentals are 48 and 60 inches in width. Round tables are a staple rental item for weddings and other catered events. They are durable, sturdy and look elegant when used with floor-length tablecloths and other linens. Wondering what size tablecloth you need? Add 60 inches to the table’s diameter to determine the correct size for floor-length coverage. Oval tables. Rent oval banquet tables and tablecloths to use for seating or food. The sturdy tables are available in 6- and 8-foot lengths and 36- and 48-inch widths and can seat anywhere from eight to 12 people. Two round tablecloths are often used to cloak the tables. Rectangular tables. Rectangular tables are widely available for rent in 30-inch widths and 4-, 6′ and 8- foot lengths, however narrower and wider tables may be found. These common sizes seat 4-10 people. They are a great choice for buffet use. Rectangular banquet-style tables are made with steel legs and plywood tops and look elegant draped with a tablecloth. Rectangular plastic tables can also be found. Square tables. A rented square table can seat anywhere from two to 12 people, depending on size. Round tablecloths are a great choice for square tables. Add 60 inches to the width of the table to determine the tablecloth size needed. Cocktail tables. Cocktail table rental is a great idea for a bar area or a cocktail hour at a wedding, party or event. It allows guests to rest drinks, appetizers and more on the tables as they socialize. Square or round cocktail tables can be rented and range in size from 24 inches to 36 inches. Add a tablecloth for a clean, classic look. Farm and harvest tables. If you prefer to not use tablecloths, you may choose to splurge and rent farm tables or harvest tables. These wooden tables look beautiful all on their own. Half round tables. Exactly what they sound like, these tables are half circles and can be used as accents, along walls, or combined if another round table is needed. Common sizes are 48- and 60-inch tables. Serpentine tables. Serpentine tables are quarter-circle tables. When four tables are combined, they create a doughnut shape 10’ wide with a 5’ hole in the center. They can also be combined to create a snake-like shape. Rent serpentine tables for buffets, to add interest, or for general use. Kid tables. Kid table rental is perfect for your little guests. Pair with kid chairs and they’ll have a dining experience perfectly sized for them. These tables are also a great idea for creating an activity center at your event. Tablecloths and table skirting. Rental tables are designed for durability, transportation and ease of use. In most cases the elegant appearance comes from tablecloths and skirting. Rented tablecloths are available in round, rectangular and square shapes in a wide range of sizes, colors, sheens and patterns. Table skirting is gathered and affixes to a structured piece that goes on the top. It is often used for display and buffet tables. Picnic tables. An often-overlooked table for rent is a picnic table, which requires no chairs. While they are more difficult to transport, picnic tables are a sturdy option that also offers a nostalgic feeling. Chill n fill tables. Designed to hold ice to keep its contents cold, rented chill n fill tables have high sides to keep the contents in place. Specialty tables. Your local rental provider may have other specialty options available. Use the Rental Store Quick Locator above to search for a table rental provider.

    Frequently asked questions

    How much are chairs for a wedding? Wedding chair rental costs begin at $1 a chair per day and can go as high as $12 a chair per day for standard seating options. Prices vary depending on location, style of chair and length of rental. How many chairs are needed for a wedding reception? If your wedding reception has a seating chart, you’ll need only as many chairs as there are guests plus just a few extras. If the wedding reception has no seating chart, you’ll need as many seats as there are guests plus an additional five to ten percent to ensure families and friends can find seats next to one another. What is the average number of guests at a wedding? The average number of guests at a wedding falls somewhere between 125 and 175, depending on which survey you are referencing. Contact your local, ARA-affiliated, rental store for information on available rental tables and chairs to help your wedding, party or event flow smoothly. To locate the rental store nearest you, use the Rental Store Quick Locator above. Related articles: 3 Ways to Enhance Your Wedding Space with Rentals 6 Ways to Bring Your Inside Wedding Outside Upgrade Your Event with Linen Rental Casino Night Planning Checklist