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Rent a Concrete Mixer to Do the Heavy Lifting

    Work smarter, not harder. Instead of storing and maintaining a concrete mixer, rent one. That way, you have the extra equipment when you need it, but the storage and maintenance are passed off to the rental company. If you already own a lot of equipment, why not save money by renting a concrete mixer? If you only do occasional concrete work, have a large job coming up or a job that requires greater efficiency, rental is the way to go.

    Renting minimizes the amount you spend on extra equipment. Sometimes having one more piece of equipment would help the job move quicker, but buying it isn’t feasible. With rental, you can choose from a variety of options available from your local rental store. This allows you to find equipment that fits your project and budgetary needs. This list is a great example of what’s out there for concrete mixer rentals.

    Handheld — Geared toward homeowners and weekend DIYers, handheld concrete mixers help mix concrete in a bucket or wheelbarrow. They can be manual, electric or battery powered.

    Portable — Portable mixers have a drum built in for mixing the concrete and can be moved from one spot to another as needed. Most models are electric and have wheels on one end of the machine.

    Towable — Portable and towable concrete mixers can be similar, but towable models can also be much larger. Towable concrete mixers have a hitch for convenient towing and are often run using gas due to size.

    Trailered — Rent a motorized trailer that mixes the concrete en route using a rotating drum. That way, it’s ready to be poured at the site. Trailered concrete mixers are essentially a smaller version of a ready-mix truck.

    Concrete mixer attachments — Do you own a skid steer or compact track loader? You can turn it into a concrete mixer using an attachment. This might be more convenient for you than renting a separate machine. You can mix, transport and dump with a cement mixer rental attachment.

    Being in the construction industry, you’ll probably choose one of the larger options. Aside from size, the type of power source, drum material, drum opening, and versatility might play into your decision. For example, certain drum materials are easier to clean than others, a wide and low drum opening makes loading easier and some concrete mixers can also mix mortar, stucco and plaster. Use the most important factors for you to drive the decision. As you know, larger pieces of equipment come with increased safety risks. These precautions cannot be stated enough. Ensure you’re well versed in the operating instructions and manufacturer warnings of the cement mixer rental before starting up the machine. Your rental store will provide these resources and perhaps even more, such as a how-to video.

    Keep the following safety precautions in mind as you operate the concrete mixer:

    Stop by your local rental store to discuss the concrete mixer rental options with a seasoned professional. You need to determine the most efficient, cost-effective option, and while you may not be able to do that — rental experts will. Use the store locator above to find a rental store near you. While there, ask about other construction equipment like a backhoe rental, air compressor rental or road plate rental. The added rentals might save you time, money or energy on your next job.