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Patio Heaters

    Can renting a patio heater make an event more enjoyable?

    Experts suggest a party temperature of 70 to 73 degrees, but when it comes to outdoor events, mother nature is in charge of the thermostat. To achieve comfort despite cold temperatures, rent a patio heater. Patio heater rental is a simple solution to providing added warmth. Rental partners are easily found using the Rental Store Quick Locator above. If you’re unsure of what type of patio heater you need, how many heaters you need, or how to use a patio heater, keep reading. When renting a patio heater, first determine if the outdoor space is well ventilated and if there is access to electricity or a natural gas line. When hosting at an event venue, check to see if the venue has guidelines for using patio heaters. With these things determined, you can select what heater type is right for your event.

    Electric patio heaters

    Electric heaters are the most efficient and environmentally friendly option for patio heaters. They are easily turned on and off and provide more focused heat in spaces. Electric patio heaters do not emit carbon dioxide or any odors or toxins. If your space is covered or poorly ventilated, rent an electric patio heater. Electric heaters use infrared or halogen technology. Halogen heaters remain cool, which is best when young children and pets are present. Electric patio heaters are available in standing, hanging, wall-mounted and umbrella-mounted units.

    Propane patio heaters

    Using a propane heater is the most portable option, because it does not require access to a gas line or electricity. They require no cords and are especially useful in remote locations. These heaters require a liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) tank, which is usually housed in the base of the unit. Since it needs to house the tank, the bases are generally larger than units that use other energy sources. Many rental stores include the LPG tank when renting a patio heater. Propane patio heaters come in both standing and tabletop models.

    Natural gas patio heaters

    If you have access to a natural gas line, and only require one heater, this can be a great option. These standing heaters are easy to use and offer continuous heat.

    Keep it cozy.

    Increase efficiency and maximize comfort level by using windbreaks, shades and awnings to block cold winds and keep the heat in. If using propane and gas heaters, follow guidelines usage as these units produce carbon monoxide which is dangerous without adequate ventilation. Consider how many patio heaters will be needed for the event space given the expected temperatures. Energy output varies based on the type and size of heater rented. Your local rental partner can help guide you in determining the right number for your needs.

    Best practices

    Before you rent a patio heater, review the tips below and read all manufacturer warnings and instructions. Your local, ARA-affiliated rental store professional can provide complete instructions.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is the best outdoor heater for a patio? The best outdoor heater rental for a patio is one that suits your specific needs. Electric heaters are the most efficient and are the best choice for covered patios. Natural gas is generally preferred to propane patio heaters when a gas line is available. What is the best way to heat an outdoor patio? Using free standing patio heaters to create zones where people congregate is the best way to heat an outdoor patio. How many BTUs do I need to heat my patio?  For the average uncovered patio, many 40,000 to 48,000 BTU patio heaters will heat the space using one unit. What is the most efficient patio heater? Electric heaters are the most efficient patio heaters. They use less energy and the heat can be focused in a specific area. Whether you’re hosting an event outside of the warm season, after the sun goes down, or it is simply unusually cold, rent patio heaters to warm your guests and keep an outdoor event going. You can even rent an outdoor tent or patio furniture to keep guests comfortable and the atmosphere inviting. Contact your local, ARA-affiliated, rental store for information on available rental products and services to meet your patio heater needs. To locate the rental store nearest you, use the Rental Store Quick Locator above. Related articles: Spring Cleaning Guide — Inside and Out 5 Outdoor Wedding Planning Tips