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Upgrade Your Event with Linen Rental
    There are so many components that go into planning an exceptional wedding reception that sometimes designing a unique reception table-scape might not even cross the soon-to-be-wed couple’s mind. While using classic tablecloths, napkins, and runners is completely fine, you have an opportunity to create a one-of-a-kind table concept that can give your wedding guests something to obsess over throughout dinner and beyond. The world of linen rental gives you the chance to truly customize your wedding reception décor. Why not take advantage of it and use linens to show off your personality? Take a look at the following ways you can use rented linens to take your reception to the next level.

    Know what you need

    Once you’ve selected your venue, it’s time to get an understanding of your linen rental needs. Be sure to confirm your number of tables, table sizes, guest count, and room layout so you can talk with your rental professional. They will be able to help you decide which linen sizes will work for your event, how many you will need, and all the logistical details before you begin making selections.

    Pick fabrics that compliment your style

    From satin to velvet, silk, lace, or sequins, there are linens that will match nearly any style of wedding reception. The type of fabric you choose will give your tables a distinct feel, so take hints from other fabrics and elements in your wedding. You can choose a silky linen napkin for your table that compliments the bridesmaid’s silk dresses, or a runner under your centerpieces that has a lace texture like your invitation overlay. Whatever you rent, be sure to select fabrics that are pleasing to you and help represent the feeling of the day and event.

    Don’t be afraid to mix it up

    Mixing up the type of table linens you choose can add a level of dimension to your reception aesthetic. Try to think beyond a single fabric or linen type and add different textural elements, like tulle or lace, over top of your tablecloth for a more tactile experience. You can also bring in different colors that compliment your wedding palette to add a layer of depth – think darker napkins on a light tablecloth or adding in a patterned linen that uses colors guests have seen throughout the wedding. The details of a wedding are the perfect opportunity to make a statement to your guests. Beautiful linens showcase your creativity as a couple and can help tie all the wedding elements together to create a unified and immersive experience. Find an event rental professional and learn more about how linen rental can take your event to the next level.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Why should I rent linens for my wedding reception instead of buying? When making the choice between rental and purchasing, consider a few elements: budget, usage, and storage. Renting linens for your wedding reception allows you to create a unique and amazing event without having to spend over budget on purchasing tablecloths, napkins, or runners, and removes the need to have your old wedding linens gathering dust in your basement. Where do I find linen rental companies in my area? Use to find linen rental companies near you. Enter your desired linens or decorative elements and location into the search fields to find local rental stores or professionals. Related articles: Table and Chair Rental 101 6 Ways to Bring Your Inside Wedding Outside 3 Ways to Enhance Your Wedding Space with Rentals