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Don’t Skip These 3 Spring Cleaning Projects

    Spring has sprung! It’s a season filled with new life, a renewed sense of purpose and an abundance of energy. If you’re like most homeowners, it also brings the urge to deep clean your home from top to bottom. There are a couple of ways to spring clean. You can go all out, tackling your entire home — purging items you no longer use, scrubbing baseboards and getting up close and personal with every nook and cranny. Or you can pick and choose the projects or rooms you want to tackle. There are a few important projects homeowners tend to overlook on the spring cleaning checklist, though, including cleaning upholstered furniture, properly clearing out gutters and maintaining sink, shower, and tub drains.

    Clean upholstery

    Cleaning couches and chairs might seem like a tall task, but it’s actually a very manageable one. Most carpet cleaners come with an upholstery attachment, meaning if you own a carpet cleaner you might already have the equipment you need. If not, visit your local rental store to rent one for the day at a fraction of the cost of purchasing a new one.

    There is one item to check in preparation for getting started: the sofa’s care instructions. This will provide information on which cleaning methods are best for the material. The instructions will point you to a water-based cleaner, solvent-based cleaner (dry clean only), water- and solvent-based cleaner (dry clean or steam clean), or no liquid at all.

    For those of you with a dry-clean-only material, purchase a dry cleaning solvent and gently brush the solvent over the fabric using a towel. Then, you can work in the solvent with a soft-bristled brush and let it dry. Furniture labeled with a water- and solvent-based cleaner can be spot-cleaned with a carpet cleaner, but not saturated. If you’re lucky enough to have a couch compatible with a water-based cleaner, you can forge ahead using a carpet cleaner. Yay!

    Here’s how to do it: First, spot-test the cleaner on a discrete area of the couch to ensure the solution won’t discolor the fabric. If the test is successful, add the solution to the carpet cleaner and attach the upholstery head. Slowly pull the attachment head across the couch, working in small sections. Lastly, go over the couch with the carpet cleaner for a second time, without using water or cleaner. Using the suction-only mode will remove the excess water and shorten the drying process.

    Clear gutters

    Gutters do the important job of keeping water away from a home’s foundation, but the downside is how much debris they collect. Spring cleaning 2023 is the perfect time to clear them out so your gutters can properly funnel water away from your home. Stop by your local rental store to secure a pressure washer for the job. Rental store employees will make sure you get the right type of machine, with the correct amount of pressure. They can also help with proper operation, giving you the confidence, you need to operate the pressure washer on your own. If the store carries a gutter cleaner attachment, it’s worth renting that in conjunction. The attachment has a curved design that lets you work from a much safer position on the ground, instead of high in the air.

    To begin, use your gloved hands to clean out any major debris. Then, set the pressure washer on the lowest pressure setting. Find a downspout, start next to it and angle the wand away from the downspout to force the debris out of the gutter. The pressure washer can also be used on the outside of gutters and soffits to rid them of dirt and grime.

    If you’re looking for a sparkling clean, consider adding a detergent to the pressure washer. Most have a separate tank for detergent. If you go that route, first wet the gutters and surrounding landscaping with water to prevent damage. Then, with the correct detergent spray tip attached, switch the detergent tank to “On.” Spray the detergent onto the gutters and soffits. Lastly, switch the spray nozzles back to normal and use both water and high pressure to work the dirt and stains loose. Don’t forget to finish by rinsing the surrounding landscaping with clean water on the lowest pressure setting.

    Gutters aren’t the only item that can benefit from pressure washing around your home. Your driveway, siding, fencing, porches, and patio furniture could all use a thorough cleaning. RentalHQ is the perfect place to locate a rental pressure washer. Use the rental store locator above to find a store near you.

    Freshen drains

    It’s easy to overlook drain maintenance, but thankfully, you can clean them any time using common household items. This method can be used on any drain, whether that’s in a sink, bathtub or shower. Combine a one-half cup of baking soda with one-fourth cup of salt and pour it down the drain. Then, pour one cup of hot white vinegar down the drain and cover the drain. The ingredients will elicit a chemical reaction and create a foam to help break down buildup. You should be able to hear a fizzing sound while it works its magic. Let the mixture sit for up to 15 minutes and then flush it with hot tap water for 30 seconds. Voila, you’re done! It doesn’t get more convenient than that.

    Contact your local rental store to start tackling the season with these spring cleaning tips. You can rent a carpet cleaner, pressure washer and just about any tool or piece of equipment you might need. If you’re new to renting, use the store locator above to find a rental store near you.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    When should I start spring cleaning?

    There’s no set time to start, or instructions for how to start spring cleaning. Simply take a look at your calendar and find a few open days. You can tackle your entire home at once or take it slower, completing one small task each day. Our best advice — find what works for you and get started!

    What cleaning supplies do I need for spring cleaning?

    To complete the basic spring cleaning checklist, you’ll need paper towels, gloves, microfiber cloths, garbage bags, a scrubber, a broom, a dustpan, a bucket, a multi-surface cleaner, toilet bowl cleaner, dust spray and dish soap. Of course, the supplies you need vary based on the tasks you wish to accomplish. For example, if you need to clean your gutters, you’ll want to rent a pressure washer. Make a list of your spring cleaning to-dos, then gather the corresponding supplies.

    How to do a thorough spring cleaning?

    Traditionally, a thorough spring cleaning involves cleaning and purging every room in your home. From floor to ceiling, there are ample opportunities. You can wash the walls, dust the light fixtures, clean the windows, clean the upholstery, and the list goes on. Likewise, any cupboard, bin or drawer is eligible to be cleaned out. Go through these spaces with a trash bag and box close by — one for items to throw away and the other for items to donate. Or, perhaps you have other spring cleaning ideas. Run with it!