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Spring Cleaning Guide — Inside and Out
    Spring cleaning is helpful in getting your home in the best condition so you can enjoy the spring and summer months to their fullest. There are standard dusting and deep cleaning tasks to tackle, but including additional, often-overlooked items will help you extend the life of your home and its contents and can help prevent serious problems down the road. Staying on top of cleaning and repairs with these spring home maintenance tips is easier the more you do it, and oftentimes renting equipment can help you check things off efficiently and make the process more enjoyable. You’ll be able to spend time indoors and enjoy the outdoors all while remaining productive and getting your home and landscaping in great shape.

    Indoor spring cleaning list

    While you wait for the snow to melt, rain to stop or simply warmer weather, take on these indoor spring cleaning items. Whenever you are doing a lot of cleaning, be sure to research your cleaning products and read the warnings and labels. It is recommended you use only one cleaner or chemical at a time and never mix chemicals, as some cleaning products when used with others can create toxic chemicals and gases.


    All that foot traffic over the year can take a toll on your floor coverings, but regular cleaning and yearly deep cleaning can keep it looking and functioning at its best.


    Spring cleaning can refresh your furniture and give it a longer life.

    Walls and doors

    Marks and dings are easily forgotten, but over time they can add up to make your home look weathered. Windows and treatments Cleaning windows often has that “wow” effect of seeing a crystal clear view again.


    Fire safety

    Nothing is as important as safety and to make sure it isn’t overlooked, put it at the top of your spring cleaning checklist.

    Outdoor spring cleaning list

    Just like the interior of your home, the exterior needs attention and spring is a great time to tackle many of these yearly clean up projects so you can enjoy the space throughout the warm months. Taking care of maintenance and making repairs now with these spring will ensure you enjoy it for years to come.

    Deck and patio

    Some decks and patios stand up to the elements better than others, but all can benefit from general cleaning and maintenance.


    Spring lawn clean up and maintenance helps them look their best throughout the year.

    Garden and flower beds

    Don’t forget about spring clean up: landscaping. Current beds benefit from a good clean up, and it’s also a good idea to create and change existing beds at the beginning of the growing season.


    Check the exterior of your home for signs of damage and items in need of repair and maintenance.

    Wooden fences and privacy screens

    Protect your fence and privacy screen investments with repair and maintenance.

    Frequently asked questions

    What is included in a spring cleaning?

    Spring cleaning includes less common cleaning chores like dusting molding and washing windows, but should also include maintenance and repair tasks.

    When should you start spring cleaning?

    While spring doesn’t start until on or around March 21, there’s no reason you can’t start earlier. Start spring cleaning as soon as the motivation kicks in, or develop a schedule based on when you’d like to be done.

    Is spring cleaning the same as deep cleaning?

    Spring cleaning and deep cleaning include similar tasks like cleaning windows and trim, spring cleaning should also include maintenance and repair needs. Spring cleaning is an important part of maintaining and enjoying your home inside and out. It can head off long-term issues and expenses, and it is rewarding to see your home in its best condition. Contact your local, ARA-affiliated, rental store for information on available rental products to help you take care of spring cleaning projects quickly and efficiently. To locate the rental store nearest you, use the Rental Store Quick Locator above. Related articles: Unique DIY Home Improvements Portable Flooring Rental Choices Abound Portable Flooring Rental Choices Patio Heaters