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Rent Safely with “Clean. Safe. Essential.”
    You should always feel confident that you can rent safely, even as we continue to live through a pandemic. To that end, thousands of rental stores across the United States have completed a training certificate program to help ensure both customer and employee safety throughout the rental experience. Tremendous resources and energy have been poured into helping rental stores continue to provide a safe rental experience now and in the future by the American Rental Association (ARA). The result of those efforts is the “Clean. Safe. Essential.” program. The program is designed to give rental stores and their staff relevant, current guidelines for protecting the health and safety of customers and employees. The power of rental enables customers to tackle their work, projects and events. With the proper procedures in place, customers can confidently rent safely to get their tasks and events completed efficiently.

    What is the program?

    The ARA “Clean. Safe. Essential.” program provides member stores with consistent training on measures to minimize exposure to the coronavirus for customers, staff, vendors and guests so you can rent safely and confidently. Training is based on expertise from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), World Health Organization (WHO), rental operators and equipment manufacturers. The training is updated with new guidance from these health organizations as it becomes available. Upon completion of the “Clean. Safe. Essential.” online training program, ARA members receive a certificate and an implementation kit for their specific location. The program aims to provide a consistent body of knowledge around health and safety practices at a rental store and to give rental store staff the information needed to keep customers and employees safe. While the training is based on medical science and operational expertise, ARA directs rental stores to comply with the latest local/city, state/province, and country laws and government regulations, and to conform with guidance provided by government health agencies. If government guidance is more stringent than what is found in the training, ARA recommends that stores should follow government guidance.

    What topics are included in the program?

    The ARA “Clean. Safe. Essential.” program offers training on: microbes and viruses; personal protective equipment (PPE) considerations; cleaning supplies and equipment needed for social distancing; how to prepare a facility, vehicles and employees for work; testing employees; cleaning procedures for tents, food service items, chairs, tables and other rental products; and more.

    Who has completed the program?

    More than 3,000 ARA member stores — including the five largest equipment rental companies — are recognized as “Clean. Safe. Essential.” after completing the training certificate program or an equivalent.

    How do I know if a rental store has completed the program?

    When you search this site to find a rental store near you, rental stores that have completed the training program or an equivalent will be noted with the “Clean. Safe. Essential.” badge in the search results. The rental industry has always been committed to providing a clean and safe rental experience for renters. However, 2020 redefined the words ‘clean’ and ‘safe.’ The uniform training found in the ‘Clean. Safe. Essential.’ program helps ensure the health and safety of customers and employees, and maintains the highest level of customer confidence to rent safely. Contact your local, ARA-affiliated rental store for information on their safety measures. To locate the rental store nearest you, use the Rental Store Quick Locator above. Stores that have earned the “Clean. Safe. Essential.” designation will be marked with a “Clean. Safe. Essential.” badge in the search results. Related articles: 5 Outdoor Wedding Planning Tips 5 Social Distancing Backyard Party Ideas Spring Cleaning Guide — Inside and Out DIY Guide: Rent a Floor Sander