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5 DIY Tools to Make Your Project a Breeze

    To conquer DIY projects, you need a few staple tools. You won’t get too far without a hammer, wrench, screwdriver, pliers and measuring tape. Beyond the basics, though, what power tools are most beneficial for home projects?It’s tough to narrow them down, but here are our top five must-have tools for DIY.

    Cordless nail gun

    If you’re doing any framing, flooring or trim work, do yourself a favor and set yourself up with a cordless nail gun rental. The nails will go in much cleaner than if you hammer them in yourself — plus the process will move at a much quicker pace. When you go with a cordless, battery-powered option, there’s no need to haul around an air compressor either. The cordless nail gun is convenient, efficient and easy to use.

    Cordless drill/driver set

    Once again, go with the cordless option for your drill and driver. It may cost a bit more to buy or rent the cordless model, but you simply won’t regret it! You can take the drill or driver wherever you please, without needing to locate a power source nearby.

    It’s helpful to have both a drill and driver on standby since they help you accomplish different tasks. Drills are better suited for precise, detailed tasks and drivers are better suited for tasks that require more torque. Sometimes, these two tools are combined into a single tool called a drill driver, which is also a great option. You’ll find a use for one of these two DIY tools in almost every project you set out to accomplish.

    Orbital sander

    Depending on your needs, you can rent an orbital sander or a smaller mouse sander. Both are amazing and versatile options, perfect for most DIY projects. They allow you to easily smooth out metal, wood or plastic surfaces. You can use an orbital sander to remove the remaining stain after you strip furniture, sand down joint compound on drywall or add some texture to used furniture before painting it.

    Some sanders have an attached system that contains the dust, keeping your work area tidy. Keep that option in mind as you’re deciding which type of sander to rent. Still, we recommend sanding outdoors instead of indoors as even those models create dust that can settle in hard-to-reach areas.

    Circular saw

    Do you need to cut wood, plastic, metal, concrete or tile? Rent a circular saw. It’s precise, portable and can cut both straight and curved lines. Here’s how it works: The base of the saw slides over the material you’re cutting, while the circular blade spins to cut the material. It can be intimidating for beginners but will allow you to tackle so many different projects.


    Jigsaws are helpful for making minor, detailed cuts. For example, if you’re cutting a hole into a piece of material, or creating an intricate design, a jigsaw is the tool for you. Thanks to its small size and reciprocating blades, it’s very accurate, leaving you with a polished finish. You can also use a jigsaw to cut angles and create beveled edges.

    Tools that receive honorable mentions are the table saw, electric planer, paint sprayer, router, oscillating cutter and angle grinder. Depending on the type of projects you gravitate toward and your comfort level with tools, the five best DIY tools will vary. If you’re unsure which tools to rent, use our store locator to find a rental company that will answer your questions and set you up with the exact tools you need.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What tools do I need for DIY projects?

    Keep a few essential tools on hand for DIY projects, such as a screwdriver, hammer, adjustable wrench, drill and measuring tape. Depending on the type of DIY project, you may need to rent additional tools from your local rental store.

    What tools are good for home?

    For basic tasks around your home, keep a utility knife, pliers, flashlight, duct tape, hammer, tape measure, wrench and screwdriver on hand.

    What is the single most useful tool?

    In today’s age, the screwdriver might be the most useful tool. Nothing can be taken apart or put back together without it.