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Heater Rentals
    The change in seasons doesn’t have to stop you from tackling exterior DIY home projects. If you had something planned, but it’s now too cold in your garage or outside, it’s not time to quit — simply adjust. There are a number of rental items that allow you to keep on keeping on, no matter the weather. If your project isn’t time-sensitive, you can also focus your attention on projects and tasks more suitable for the weather. Your local rental store is a great place to turn to for tools and resources for any project, inside or out. Adjust to the circumstances Your current setup may not be compatible with cold weather conditions, but chances are, you can change that. Let’s say you have a nice setup in your garage, but it’s not heated and it’s known to get below freezing in your area in the heart of winter. The easiest way to make it workable for a weekend? Electric heater rentals. Small electric heaters will sufficiently heat most residential garages. If you need to heat a large shop, an industrial heater might be more up your alley. And if you don’t have anywhere to plug in a heater, you can rent a generator, too. Modern electric heaters are far from the energy-zappers electric heaters used to be. They’re energy-efficient and therefore, cost very little to run. Depending on the wattage, it may cost as little as $0.10 per hour to run an electric heater. You can either rent a box unit for your garage, or a standing patio heater to use outside. Keep in mind that if temperatures are too low, the patio heater might not keep the area as warm as you’d like. Electric patio heaters are designed for use in mild weather above 32 degrees. If your area experiences harsh winters, opt for a propane patio heater, which will keep you warm even when temperatures drop below freezing. When using a propane heater, make sure the area has proper ventilation and you have reviewed the safety instructions. Also keep in mind that while propane heaters work well outdoors, they’re not recommended for indoor use. Many people find they only need a heater a few times a season, making rental the perfect option. If you plan to use it every day, on the other hand, consider investing in a mounted garage unit or the right heater for your application, instead. You’ll quickly get your money’s worth if you’re using it that often Pivot direction entirely If your outdoor projects can wait until spring, you can turn your attention to indoor projects. The best part about home projects? There are no rules. There are a number of indoor projects that don’t require time spent cutting wood in the garage or refinishing furniture outside. You can paint your interiors, switch out doorknobs or cabinet hardware, install new lighting, and so much more. No sawdust or strong chemicals required. Take inventory of the items you need to keep your projects moving, then contact your local, ARA-affiliated, rental store for information on available rental products. You may be surprised by the variety of items available for rent. To locate the rental store nearest you, use the Rental Store Quick Locator above. Frequently Asked Questions What is the most cost-effective way to heat a garage? There are differing opinions on the matter, which can be confusing — but, it also means you have options. Energy-efficient electric heaters will do the job without eating up too much electricity. Radiant heat ceiling panels heat the surface instead of the air around it, making it extremely efficient. Is it expensive to run a heater all day? Based on the national average electricity rate, it would cost $2.28 to run an electric heater per 16-hour day. Space heaters should not be run while you’re sleeping due to safety concerns. How much do generator rentals cost? The cost will vary based on generator size and how long it’s rented for. Small portable generators, which are all you’ll need for home projects, will run between $65 – $185 per day.