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Simple Ways to Make Over Your Bathroom in One Weekend

    Refreshing your bathroom with an updated look doesn’t have to require an extensive — or expensive — overhaul. A simple bathroom remodel on a budget is totally doable. All it takes are some quick updates and easy DIY projects to make a big impact. Best of all, you can complete your stylish transformation in just one weekend!

    If you need any tools or equipment to help complete your bathroom makeover, contact your local ARA-affiliated rental store. Simply use the Rental Store Locator above or keep reading for a list of items that can make your project a success.

    Simple Bathroom Remodel on a Budget

    Here are some easy, budget-friendly bathroom makeover ideas to inspire your next weekend project:

    1.  Switch out your hardware — Replacing your dull, dated knobs and pulls with more modern ones is a quick, inexpensive project that can transform the look of your entire room. While you’re at it, unify the appearance of your other hardware and upgrade your towel bars, toilet paper holder and bathroom hooks, too.

    2. Add a splash of color — Whether you choose a soft, serene hue or a bold, brilliant pop of color, adding a fresh coat of paint to your walls has the power to take a room from drab to dazzling. You could even give your bathroom cabinets and vanity a refresh with a complementary paint color.

    3. Replace your faucets — While a plumber would gladly install new faucets for you, replacing your leaky or outdated faucets by yourself isn’t as hard as you might think. All it takes is a basin wrench (a tool designed to fit into confined spaces); a few other common items, including an adjustable wrench, bucket, plumber’s putty, putty knife, silicone caulk, rags and towels; and an hour or two of time. Check your local rental store to see if any of the tools you need are available for rent. 

    4. Install swanky sconces — Up the style factor in your bathroom by pitching (or donating) your plain vanity lights and updating them with fashionable sconces.

    5. Lighten up your linens — All white is always fresh! Ditch your bathroom’s tattered, mismatched, multi-colored and crazy-patterned towels and replace them with crisp, white linens. The result will be a clean, cohesive, soothing and spa-like ambiance. Not into white? Choose another color of your liking but keep it consistent for a neat, harmonious look.

    6. Switch out your old toilet — Yes, the thought of swapping out your old toilet for a new one may sound overwhelming. But if you are physically able to carry a toilet by yourself or have a helper to assist you, you’re already halfway there. Toilet installation actually involves very few waterline hookups. The most difficult part is moving your old toilet out and maneuvering your new toilet into place. Renting a hand dolly or hand truck from your local rental store can make that task feel almost effortless.

    7. Install simple shelving — Storage space can be hard to come by in bathrooms. Putting up an open shelf or two on a wall can provide easily accessible storage while keeping your bathroom feeling airy and spacious.

    8. Refashion your floors — New flooring can make a big difference in the look of your entire bathroom. If you have a wood floor, you can refinish it with a rented floor sander. Vinyl flooring is another option that’s easy to install and maintain — and rest assured, today’s vinyl tiles look immeasurably better than the inexpensive-looking tiles of the past. Or, if you’re a skilled DIYer and don’t want to hire out the work, you can install porcelain tiles for an ultra-luxurious look. Using a wet saw is the most efficient and recommended option for cutting porcelain tile, although tile cutters can be used as well. Wet saws and tile cutters may be available to rent from your local ARA-affiliated rental store.

    9. Touch up your tub — A total tub replacement can be a huge (and costly) undertaking. Instead, try bathtub and shower refinishing if your issues are mainly cosmetic, such as a yellowed surface or minor nicks and cracks. If you’re not up for refinishing the entire surface, you can spot-fix gouges, nicks and peeling paint with touch-up products such as white porcelain repair kits.

    10. Roll out a cozy rug — Keep your feet warm and comfy and make your space extra appealing with a soft, stylish rug in a lovely color or pattern.

    11. Add wainscoting and wallpaper — Blend classic with contemporary by installing tasteful and traditional wainscoting to the lower half of your walls and line the upper portion of the walls with chic, removable wallpaper in a trendy design.

    12. Frame your windows in fashion — Drapes can up the wow factor of your windows, and they look especially eye-catching when paired with the clean, refined lines of blinds or shades in a coordinating color.

    13. Install a prefabricated shower — Sure, custom tile showers made from scratch by a seasoned pro are undeniably beautiful, but a prefabricated shower unit will usually cost a lot less and aren’t too terribly difficult to install with the right tools.

    14. Control clutter with a new vanity — Seek out a vanity with drawers and cabinets so you can stash all your personal items out of sight when not in use.

    15. Swap out your shower curtain — Toss your old shower curtain and hang a crisp new one that showcases your favorite color or a gorgeous pattern. Go one step further and replace your plain white shower rod with something a bit more polished such as chrome, brass or even matte black.

    As you can see, there’s no need to spend a ton of money and gut your entire bathroom to make it look up to date and incredible. You just need a couple of days and a bit of energy — and our handy list of simple bathroom makeover ideas — and your bathroom will be refreshed and ready for Monday morning.

    If your bathroom makeover requires you to rent any tools or equipment to help you along the way, reach out to your local ARA-affiliated rental stores to find the items you need. Simply use the Rental Store Locator above.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How do you redo a bathroom on a weekend?

    If you keep your bathroom makeover projects simple and don’t plan on a lot of major renovations, it is completely possible to refresh your bathroom over a weekend. It all depends on the extent of your upgrades, but you don’t need to do a complete overhaul to make a big impact.

    Can I redo my bathroom by myself?

    For the most part, unless your bathroom is exceptionally large, you can do almost all the smaller tasks within this overall weekend bathroom makeover project by yourself. For a few of the more challenging tasks, some DIYers hire electricians and plumbers (or enlist the help of a partner or friend) but do the rest of the work themselves. It’s best to make a plan before you start any significant renovations so there aren’t any surprises along the way. And remember that you can rent a wide variety of tools that may be needed, so there’s no need to add any substantial cost to your project by buying new tools or equipment.

    How do you freshen a dated bathroom?

    Boost the style factor of an outdated bathroom with a simple bathroom remodel. Switch out old-fashioned fixtures and furnishings with more modern counterparts. Add a splash of gorgeous color to your walls, doors and trim. Revitalize or replace your shower, tub, toilet and sink. Swap out old towels, linens and shower curtains with fresh new ones. The possibilities are endless!