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Mini Skid Steers are Mighty
    Mini skid steer rental makes it possible to work in areas where other machines can’t fit. Mini skid steers are able to do the work of larger machines, but in a smaller package. They fit through standard doorway widths, which includes gates for backyard access and other obstacles that stand in the way of larger machines. If that’s all you needed to hear to begin your search for “mini skid steer rental near me,” use the Rental Store Quick Locator tool above. If you’d like to learn more about these handy machines, keep reading.

    Easy to operate. Easy to maneuver.

    The space you’re working in may be expansive with a small entrance, or tight all around with any size entrance. No matter the case, rent a mini skid steer to easily maneuver. On many mini skid steers the operator stands on a platform at the back of the machine. It is sometimes referred to as a walk behind skid steer rental, despite being a ride-on piece of equipment. From the rear of the machine, the operator is easily able to control the machine and its attachments, even in tight spaces. For example, you can rent a mini skid steer to maneuver in animal pens as part of farm operations; handle work in established neighborhoods with fences, trees and existing landscaping; haul debris on a crowded site; and more. Be sure to consider where the machine will be used when choosing between equipment with wheels and those with tracks, like a mini track loader. Tracks are superior on soft ground and can be used in more soil conditions than wheels. Wheels are superior on concrete and asphalt as these surfaces lead to more wear on tracks. Wheels are also a better choice for tight turns where tracks cannot maneuver as easily.

    Achieve results faster

    It doesn’t take many scoops of a shovel to realize you might be at a task for a long time. By renting a mini skid steer, you’re able to make quick work of tasks that could take days or even weeks to do by hand. The number of attachments available makes a mini skid steer rental great for landscaping, agriculture, construction, demolition, hauling, and even grounds maintenance applications. Equipped with the right attachment, the multi-functional machine can lift debris, haul heavy supplies, level gravel, till land, dig footings, break concrete, move pallets, push and blow snow, trench and more! Attachments available for rent will vary by location.

    Find the right partner

    When it comes to mini skid steer rental, it is a great idea to talk to the rental professionals at your local rental store. Use the Rental Store Quick Locator above to find rental stores near you. By talking through your project, the rental professionals can advise you on the best attachments, tips for using the equipment, and any other rental equipment that may be well suited for your application. Those conversations can also help in avoiding unexpected surprises. For instance, some attachments — like a bucket attachment — may be included with a small skid steer rental or mini track loader rental, but others may cost an additional fee. You can view more tips on construction and industrial rental here.

    Frequently asked questions

    What is the smallest skid steer? While all mini skid steers are relatively small, some can be as narrow as three feet wide and as short as four feet tall. Length often depends on attachment. Can a skid steer remove stumps? With the right attachments, a skid steer can remove stumps. However, when using a mini skid steer, success is dependent on the size of the tree stump and the availability of attachments suited for the job. Is a skid steer a good investment? Whether a skid steer or a mini skid steer is a good investment depends on use, maintenance and storage. If the equipment will be used often, it is easy to keep up on maintenance and there is adequate storage for the machine and its attachments or accessories, it is most likely a good purchase. However if it will be used infrequently, will be difficult to maintain or there isn’t room to store the equipment, rental is often the best solution. Contact your local, ARA-affiliated, rental store for information on available rental products to help you meet your mini skid steer rental needs. To locate the rental store nearest you, use the Rental Store Quick Locator above. Related articles: Tackle Tasks: Compact Track Loader Rental What Do You Need in a Mini-Excavator Rental