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Elevate Curb Appeal With Rented Tools

    Elevate Your Home’s Curb Appeal

    Whether you’re planning to sell your home or it could simply use a refresh, making small changes to improve curb appeal can go a long way. These changes don’t have to be drastic, costly, or difficult, but can truly make a difference in the outside appearance of your home. 

    Upgrade the entry

    The outdoor entry into your home is a great place to start with curb appeal projects. That includes your front door and the area that surrounds it — flooring, windows, railing, all of it! Adding decor such as seasonal wreaths, single or layered door mats, potted plants or large floor vases can make the area feel much more inviting. Those updates don’t require any DIY skills, just an eye for design. Pinterest is a great place for gathering inspiration. If you like tackling small projects, there are other updates to consider that require minimal DIY skills.  An easy, popular project that adds curb appeal is painting your front door. A quick paint job is one of the least expensive ways to change the look of your outdoor entry. Many homeowners opt for a bold color to help the door stand out, but neutrals are a great, classic choice, too.  A gallon of paint costs about $30 and the entire project can be finished in one afternoon. That’s a win-win. As far as the tools you need, you can use a paintbrush or you can rent a paint sprayer if you desire a smoother finish.  Another easy upgrade is switching out the door hardware to something more modern. This project only requires tools you would find in a tool box, but can be a tad more in-depth than painting.  If your entry includes a deck, evaluate its state to determine if it needs sanded and re-stained. Handheld and floor sanders are available at your local rental store. Following sanding, consider using a paint sprayer to apply the stain. It’s a much faster alternative to the traditional method of brushing stain onto the wood.

    Re-evaluate the landscaping

    Step back and take a good look at your landscaping from afar. What do you notice? If there are imperfections that catch your eye, focus on how you can improve them.  It might be that your grass is looking damaged and could be aerated or fertilized. If you already own the tools, you might just need to buy fertilizer, but if not, visit a rental store to pick up an aerator or spreader.  Or, maybe the first thing you notice are the trees. Low-hanging branches, dying branches, branches lying on the ground, forgotten tree stumps — most times trees only need a small amount of attention to look healthy again. A chainsaw will do the work quickly and easily. Use it both to remove dead branches and to cut fallen branches into smaller sections for easier transportation. For stumps, you’ll need to rent a stump grinder to remove what remains of the tree. It’s a time-consuming and laborious process to remove on your own, but using a stump grinder makes it much easier.

    Do a quick clean-up

    Tidying up and cleaning the outside of your home gives visitors a positive first impression. From the moment they pull into the driveway, they’ll be able to tell you take great pride in your home. If you’ve never taken a power washer to your siding, you’ll be surprised at how efficient it can be. A power washer sprays water at a high pressure, using force to remove dirt and grime from surfaces. If you decide to rent a power washer, you can use it for more than just siding. It works just as well for cleaning your deck and driveway.  For yards with ample trees that create piles of fallen leaves, consider renting a backpack blower to aid in clean up. Backpack blowers are easier on your body than traditional leaf blowers, allowing you to remain in a more ergonomic, upright position as you work. Additional tools available for rent include hedge trimmers and gutter cleaners. Take inventory of the tasks that need done and what you’ll need to complete them. Then, contact your local, ARA-affiliated, rental store for information on available rental products to help you complete those tasks. To locate the rental store nearest you, use the Rental Store Quick Locator above.