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Tips for DIY Success Using Tool Rental
    Dare to do it yourself (DIY) with the power of tool rental. Tool rental gives you access to high-quality tools and equipment that may be too expensive to buy and too difficult to access elsewhere. From small furniture flips to major home improvement projects, rental expands your DIY possibilities.

    Tool Rental Selection

    Sweat equity can pay off in many ways, but you still want your efforts to be efficient. Tool rental stores understand how important tools are to accomplishing your DIY goals as quickly and easily as possible. They offer tools for the most common DIY and home improvement projects as well as specialty tools. Not every store carries the same products, so check around to find the right tools for your project if needed. To find “tool rental near me,” use the Rental Store Quick Locator at the top of this page. Examples of popular home improvement and DIY rental tools and products include:

    Tool Rental Tips

    Reserve your tool rental as soon as possible, especially during seasons when the tool may be in high demand. You don’t want to take off work, enlist your friends or family to help, or plan your weekend around a project only to learn that the tools you need have already been rented. Use care with the rented items. By taking care of tools and other products, renters help keep costs down for all. Rental is part of the sharing economy, meaning the cost for the item and maintenance is split among all renters. The longer the life of the rental tool, the better. Determine transportation needs for pickup and return of the tool rental and plan accordingly.

    Consult with Your Rental Store

    Consult with your local rental store on your project. They know the equipment and its best uses and are a valuable resource in making sure you get your projects accomplished quickly, easily and with the highest quality result.

    Control Costs

    Rental expands DIY possibilities and does so without breaking the bank. To get the best understanding of the expected costs with home improvement rental, consider the following.

    Frequently asked questions

    Is it better to rent or buy tools? Whether it’s better to rent or buy tools depends on purchase price, frequency of use, and maintenance and storage needs. Renting tools allows you to split the ownership and maintenance costs among other renters and you don’t have to store the tools. Buying makes sense for anything you will use daily, weekly or sometimes even monthly. What tools can you rent? Nearly any tool you can purchase, you can also rent. Tool rental can also give you access to more professional grade tools than the average person can purchase. Professional grade tools often complete tasks faster, easier and with better results than consumer grade tools. You may need to consider how much time you’re saving compared to how much you’re spending in rental costs. Where can I borrow tools? While you might be able to borrow tools from friends and family, your local rental store is an excellent resource when you need tools. For your home improvement rental equipment needs, look there. Your local rental store can help you determine the best tool for the job. What is the best thing to rent out? The best thing to rent out is whatever the best tool is to help you accomplish the end result. Talk to your local rental store to determine the best tool for the job. Harness the power of tool rental to reach your DIY and home improvement potential. If you’re not sure if DIY is an option for your project, consult with the rental store for insights on ways to approach the task and tools that can help. Contact your local, ARA-affiliated, rental store for information on available rental products to help you take care of your tool rental needs. To find “tool rental near me,” use the Rental Store Quick Locator above to find a local rental store with the items you need. Related articles: Top 4 Tools Every Homeowner Should Rent Unique DIY Home Improvements 15 tips for DIY outdoor living spaces