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Dance Floors

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    Rent dance floors or temporary flooring in a variety of materials. You can even customize your flooring by piecing together different-colored vinyl tiles.

    Rent a beautiful wood, vinyl, slate or choose another type of portable dance floor that can serve as temporary flooring in large spaces like tents.

    Your local, ARA-affiliated rental store professionals want to help you rent just what you need to satisfy your unique portable dance floor needs. In order to do so, they often will ask you the following questions when you go to rent a portable dance floor.

    What type of event are you planning? A black-tie event may call for renting a wood or a black-and-white dance floor, while a plastic dance floor certainly may suffice for a low-budget affair.

    Will the event be outside? If so, a waterproof dance floor is needed, or take steps to protect the dance floor. Polypropylene dance floors usually can stand up to water unlike most wood dance floors. However, a wood dance floor can be used outside under a covered area if it has drainage channels below it or if a plywood subfloor is installed underneath it. Another possibility is to use a dance floor with a wood laminate finish.

    Do you want the dance floor placed on an uneven surface? Rental store professionals ask this question to determine whether the installation will require the use of a subfloor.

    How many people will attend the event? The answer to this question helps determine the dance floor size needed. Typically, no more than half of the guests will dance at any one time. An estimate about two guests for each 3-foot square panel usually works.

    Benefits of renting a portable dance floor

    Dancing serves as a key component at many events from corporate parties to festivals to wedding receptions. However, depending upon the selected venue of the event, a dance floor may not be readily available. Portable dance floor rental solves this problem. You do not need to limit dance floors to just dancing either. For example, you can use them to cover an entire tent floor to create a more upscale effect. Rented dance floors offer:

    • Portability. Since small panel sections lock together to make up a portable dance floor, you can create dance floors of varying sizes just about anywhere. The panels come in different sizes, such as 1-, 3- or 4-foot squares. Typically, the smaller the panel, the more time and labor it takes to install it.
    • Easy installation. Trained rental store professionals generally transport, set up and later tear down rented portable dance flooring to ensure proper installation.

    Best practices

    Once the rental store professionals set up your dance floor, the following tips will help ensure that it remains problem-free during your event.

    • Routinely check the rented dance floor during your event to make sure that panels remain in good condition and do not separate. If you observe a problem, notify the rental store immediately.
    • Do not disassemble and reassemble the rented dance floor panels yourself. When rental store professionals install your dance floor they make sure no gaps exist between the panels to reduce the risk of injury.

    Contact your local, ARA-affiliated, rental store for information on available rental products and services to meet your dance floor rental needs. To locate the rental store nearest you, use the Rental Store Quick Locator above.

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