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Concrete Trailers

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    Easily mix and haul concrete with a rented concrete trailer. Check your local ARA-affiliated rental store for the available sizes and attachments.

    Rent a trailer to mix and haul concrete.

    No matter your project’s size, you can rent a concrete mixer to fit it. Your local, ARA-affiliated rental store professional also can assist you in renting the right equipment for your project.


    Hand-held concrete mixers. These lightweight concrete mixer rentals consist of pneumatically or electrically powered paddles, which can be placed in a drum or tub to mix concrete ingredients. Very small concrete projects present the ideal application for this particular tool. Possible features of a hand-held concrete mixer include variable-speed operation and the ability to attach it to a stand.


    Portable concrete mixers. Rent these concrete mixers for small concrete jobs that require batches of concrete less than 3 cubic feet (cu. ft.). Portable concrete mixers may come configured on a stand or in a wheelbarrow style. Many of these mixers can fit in a vehicle for transporting.


    Towable concrete mixers. These concrete mixer rentals feature a hitch for easy towing. They accommodate loads up to 12 cu. ft. to meet the needs of small to very large concrete projects. Many of these concrete mixers offer removable or retractable towing bars. Some of these concrete mixers provide hydraulic dumping systems that require less labor for the operator.


    Trailered concrete mixers. Some rental stores may offer motorized trailers that agitate a drum containing the concrete while in tow to keep it from hardening. These rotating-drum concrete mixers offer many of the advantages of a large ready-mix truck on a smaller scale. They mix the concrete while en route, so that you can pour it upon arrival at the job site. These trailers often employ hydraulic systems to lift and dump the concrete.


    Concrete mixer attachments. You can rent a concrete mixer to attach to a rented or owned skid-steer loader or compact track loader. This attachment allows you to mix, transport and dump concrete where needed.

    Trailers. Many concrete mixers weigh in excess of 500 pounds. If these mixers are not towable or affixed to a trailer, then you often will need to rent a trailer that adequately can support the weight of the mixer.

    Contact your local, ARA-affiliated, rental store for information on available rental products and services to meet your concrete trailer needs. To locate the rental store nearest you, use the Rental Store Quick Locator above.