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Power Buggy

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    Go above and beyond the standard wheelbarrow by renting a power buggy. It helps you more efficiently haul and dump material throughout the jobsite.

    Although most power buggies offer a hydrostatic drive and a hydraulic dump mechanism, several other features differentiate rental power buggies. Your local, ARA-affiliated rental store professional can help you decide what to rent.

    Type. Rental power buggies come in either walk-behind or stand-on models. Walk-behind power buggies offer smaller capacities than their stand-on counterparts do and work well for small jobs. The stand-on power buggies handle bigger projects better because they save you the effort of walking. Some stand-on power buggies allow you to fold up and lock the platform for use in walk-behind mode.

    Capacity. Cubic feet (cu. ft.) and payload in pounds (lbs.) indicate the size of a rented power buggy. Cubic feet measurements suffice for understanding how much ready-mix concrete the power buggy can carry. However, when hauling other kinds of material of different weights, consider the power buggy’s payload capacity in pounds. Capacities of rental power buggies range from 10 to 21 cu. ft. or 1,200- to 3,200-lb. payloads. Power buggies that have larger capacities tend to have higher horsepower engines.

    Tracked or wheeled. Rent a tracked power buggy if you plan to use it in a sandy, muddy or hilly environment. Wheeled power buggies provide easier operation on most other terrains. Some wheeled power buggies that have double wheels allow you to remove the outside wheels to squeeze through smaller spaces. Tires on wheeled power buggies may contain foam to resist going flat. Whereas, flotation tires tend to leave turf undisturbed. Power buggies that feature all-wheel drive also can handle rougher terrains, even on wheels.

    Bucket material. The bucket on a rented power buggy usually is made of steel, polyethylene or polymer. Polyethylene and polymer buckets are easy to clean, but steel buckets offer durability and can withstand the temperature of hot asphalt.

    Ease of use. The controls on most power buggies available for rent do not require much experience to master. Some power buggies allow you to initiate dumping or braking using a foot pedal, while others permit operation of controls by hand. Foot controls do not require you to take your hands off the equipment during operation.

    Power buggies can be used for more than just concrete.

    Best practices

    The controls on most rented power buggies are simple and straightforward to use. Typically, you only need to select forward or reverse and then use the available controls to move the power buggy or dump its contents. Before you use this equipment, please review the tips below and read all manufacturer warnings and instructions. Your local, ARA-affiliated rental store professional can provide you with complete instructions.

    • Read all manufacturer warnings and instructions prior to using your rented power buggy.
    • Properly secure rented power buggy for transport.
    • Follow safe practices when hooking up and towing a rented power buggy.
    • Wear appropriate personal protective equipment.
    • Never wear loose clothing or jewelry that can catch on the rented power buggy during use.
    • Avoid pinch points on dumping mechanism of rented power buggy.
    • Keep onlookers at an appropriate distance from the worksite.
    • Perform a walk-around inspection of the rented power buggy before use to become familiar with its controls and warning decals.
    • Check and, if needed, service fluid levels in rented power buggy before use.
    • Follow manufacturer’s recommendations for starting and shutting off the rented power buggy.
    • Do not exceed the rented power buggy’s load limits.
    • Do not allow riders on the rented power buggy.
    • Do not mount or dismount a stand-on power buggy while in motion.
    • Avoid using the rented power buggy on steep slopes.
    • Keep dump bucket down when not dumping.
    • Unless specifically indicated as appropriate for your model of rented power buggy, do not move the power buggy with the bucket in dumping position.
    • Engage parking brake and shut off the power buggy’s engine before leaving the operator’s position.
    • Be sure to clean the bucket of the rented power buggy before returning it.

    Contact your local, ARA-affiliated, rental store for information on available rental products and services to meet your power buggy needs. To locate the rental store nearest you, use the Rental Store Quick Locator above.

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