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Generators: Small, portable

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    Find the right type of small, portable generator for your project and learn how to safely use it at your local ARA-affiliated rental store

    We never realize how much we rely on electrical power until we have to go without it. Rented generators can offer a source of power when there has been a power failure or if there is not access to power. In fact, many situations call for the use of rented generators for supplying power. Generators can provide power for:

    • Construction. New construction sites often do not have electrical power initially, but rented generators can power electrical tools, lighting and other equipment. They also can provide electricity to an onsite, mobile office.
    • Special events. Lighting, air conditioning, heating and other equipment needed for tented events, all rely on rented generators for power.
    • Emergencies. Rented generators of all sizes keep everything — from equipment at an industrial plant to heat-sensitive computers at a business office to a refrigerator and lighting at a residential home — running during a power outage.
    • Entertainment applications. Movie, television and outdoor concert production companies rent generators to supply quiet power for running needed equipment.

    Many ARA-affiliated rental stores offer a full range of generators for rent. The following describes some of the possible generator and related product rental options. Your rental store professionals also can help you find a generator that is right for you.

    • Portable generator. Rent a portable generator to power electrical tools and equipment at an off-the-grid jobsite. These generators also work well to supply power for lights and a few appliances at a residential home during a power outage. Some portable generators can provide a maximum output of up to nearly 10,000 watts. It usually takes only one or two persons to lift a portable generator for easy transportation using a vehicle. Some models come equipped with wheels for additional portability.
    • Towable generator. Rented towable generators provide more power than portable generators do. Towable generators typically provide between 14 and 640 kilowatts (kw) of power. Some rental stores offer skids with an additional fuel tank for use with the generator.
    • Trailer-mounted generator. This type of generator rental often provides as much as 1,500 kw of power; enough for some industrial applications. Many of these generators can run for 24 hours, but you can rent an auxiliary tank if you need a longer run time.
    • Entertainment production generator. These generator rentals offer extremely quiet operation for applications, such as movie productions, television broadcasts or outdoor concerts. Many of these generators come configured on trailers.
    • Power distribution. Many rental stores rent power distribution panels to provide various voltage breakdown types and hookups for your needs. Some power distribution options include portable or weatherproof models, load banks and transformers.
    • Accessories. Rental stores often carry a wide variety of accessories to complete your generator rental package. Items such as extension cords, remote monitoring systems and distribution accessories make up some of the full line of generator products that you may find available.

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    Best practices

    Please review the tips below and read all manufacturer warnings and instructions. Your local, ARA-affiliated rental store professional can provide you with complete instructions. Some rental stores offer how-to video instructions for information on using the equipment safely and effectively.

    • Read all warnings and instructions for the rented generator before use.
    • Follow safe lifting practices when loading and unloading a rented, portable generator.
    • Properly secure rented generator when you transport it.
    • Follow safe practices when you hook up and tow a rented generator.
    • Do not use a rented generator in an enclosed or unventilated space.
    • Rent the appropriate generator from your local ARA-affiliated rental store. See Generators and Related Products for Rent and Selecting a Generator to Rent for more information.
    • Always place the rented generator on a dry, clean, level surface.
    • Check and, if needed, service fluid levels in rented generator before use.
    • Follow manufacturer’s recommendations for starting and shutting off the rented generator.
    • Shut off the engine on a rented generator before refueling.
    • Check and, if needed, clean or replace the filter on the rented generator.
    • Do not overload the rented generator.
    • Only use proper extension cords to connect equipment to rented generators.

    Contact your local, ARA-affiliated, rental store for information on available rental products and services to meet your portable generator needs. To locate the rental store nearest you, use the Rental Store Quick Locator above.

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