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The Many Uses of a Rented Grinder

Grinders use horizontally rotating cutting discs to clean and smooth concrete surfaces. You also can use grinders on stone, tile and other masonry surfaces depending upon the type of cutting discs you attach to them. (read more)

Types of Grinders You Can Rent

our local, ARA-affiliated rental store may offer many types of grinders for rent. The following material describes differences between the types of grinders possibly available. Use this information to decide which type of grinder that you should rent. (read more)

Keys to Renting the Right Grinder

When you go to rent a grinder at your local ARA-affiliated rental store, tell the rental professionals there all about the project that you plan to complete, so that they can advise you on which grinder will best meet your needs.  (read more)

A How-To on Using a Rented Grinder

Your local ARA-affiliated rental store professional can train you on how to operate your rented grinder safely and on how to change grinder accessories properly. The following material offers some general tips on how to use a rented grinder safely. (read more)

Power Buggy Rental is Not Just for Concrete

Power buggies that move at 7 mph or less may not sound impressive, but these wheelbarrows on steroids can accomplish a lot of work with little effort. (read more)

What Do You Need in a Power Buggy Rental?

Although most power buggies offer a hydrostatic drive and a hydraulic dump mechanism, several other features differentiate rental power buggies. Consider the following possible features when deciding which power buggy you should rent. (read more)

Using a Rented Power Buggy is Simple

<p>You should find the controls on most rented power buggies simple and straightforward to use. Typically, you only need to select forward or reverse and then use the available controls to move the power buggy or dump its contents.</p> (read more)

Rent a Power Trowel for a Nice Finish

Once poured concrete begins to set, you can use a rented power trowel to finish the surface. It will level and smooth, as well as remove screed marks from the concrete surface (read more)

Power Trowel Rental Options

You can rent several different types of power trowels depending upon your needs. (read more)

Possible Features on Rented Power Trowels

Many factors influence the decision of which power trowel to rent, including the size and location of the concrete area you will finish, the power source available at the worksite and the particular finish you want to achieve. (read more)

Tips for Operating a Rented Power Trowel Safely

Heed the following tips to help ensure that you safely operate your rented power trowel. Your ARA-affiliated rental store professional also can instruct you on the proper operation of your rented power trowel. (read more)

Why Rent a Concrete Saw?

The phrase, set in stone, alludes to the permanence of materials, such as concrete. Still, when the time arrives to cut or remove concrete, renting a tough, concrete saw makes the work possible. Consider these advantages of renting a concrete saw. (read more)

Rent a Concrete Saw to Match the Application

Making sure that you rent the best concrete saw for your particular application goes a long way to ensure that you complete your project successfully. Read more about types of concrete saws available to rent. (read more)

Consider Features When Renting a Concrete Saw

Factors that determine which concrete saw you should rent include the power source available, the material you will cut, how deep you need to cut it and the amount of cutting necessary. Consider which of the following features you will need on your concrete saw rental. (read more)

Preventing Injuries from Rented Concrete Saws

Concrete saws can cut through nearly any type of material, including flesh and bone. To prevent injuries while using a rented concrete saw, use extreme caution and follow these tips. (read more)

The Advantages of Renting a Concrete Mixer

By renting a concrete mixer, you can achieve the perfect mix of concrete for your next project. Renting a concrete mixer gives concrete contractors, general contractors and do-it-yourself homeowners these advantages. (read more)

Rent Any Size of Concrete Mixer

No matter what your project's size, you can rent a concrete mixer to fit it. The following material describes some possible concrete mixer rental options. (read more)

Differences Between Concrete Mixer Rentals

Various concrete mixers come with different features. Becoming familiar with the possible variations will help you choose the concrete mixer best for you. (read more)

Be Safe When Using a Rented Concrete Mixer

Like most equipment, concrete mixers can pose a danger to you when used improperly. The following tips can help you stay safe while using a rented concrete mixer. (read more)

Rented Skid-Steer Loaders Offer Flexibility

Skid-steer loaders are used for a variety of construction and landscaping applications. They can spread, dig, lift, carry and load all kinds of loose material, as well as perform a number of other functions using attachments. (read more)

10 Examples of Attachments for Rented Skid-Steer Loaders

Attachments make rented skid-steer loaders one of the most versatile pieces of equipment of all. Although, the list of attachments available for skid-steer loaders is nearly endless, the following describes 10 popular attachments. (read more)

Can a Rented Skid-Steer Loader Lift the Load?

Before renting a skid-steer loader, it is very important to make sure it can lift the load you need to move. Your local, ARA-affiliated rental store professional can help you select the best skid-steer to rent for your purposes. (read more)

Safe Operation of a Rented Skid-Steer Loader

As the operator of a rented skid-steer loader, you bear the responsibility for the safe operation of the equipment. Do not operate the equipment until you know how to use it properly. This material offers general instructions on how to operate a rented skid-steer loader safely. (read more)

Rental Offers Contractors a Virtual Equipment Fleet

Every contractor knows that equipment can equate to income. The fact that you do not own an impressive equipment fleet does not mean that you cannot start or expand your business, though. ARA-affiliated rental stores put a vast array of equipment at your disposal. (read more)

Rented Generators Give You the Power

We never realize how much we rely on electrical power until we have to go without it, because of either a power failure or a lack of accessibility to power. Rented generators can offer a source of power at those times. (read more)

Generators and Related Products for Rent

Many ARA-affiliated rental stores offer a full range of generators for rent. The following describes some of the possible generator and related product rental options. (read more)

Selecting a Generator to Rent

Before renting a generator, make sure that you know your power requirements. You should know the proper voltage and maximum amperage needed, whether you need one or three-phase power and how long you will need to run the generator. (read more)

Safe Power Generation Tips

All too often news stories report of a death from the improper use of a generator. To prevent becoming such a tragic statistic, follow these tips for operating a rented generator safely. (read more)

Let a Rented Aerial Work Platform Give You a Lift

Simply put, aerial work platforms lift workers, tools and supplies for the completion of many different types of jobs overhead. Contractors of all kinds, as well as homeowners, find many occasions for renting aerial work platforms. (read more)

Know the Types of Aerial Work Platforms You Can Rent

The following material discusses the advantages offered by different types of aerial work platforms to enable you to pick the best one to rent for your particular application. (read more)

Features to Look for in Rented Aerial Work Platforms

Many factors determine which aerial work platform you should rent, such as whether you will work inside or out, the availability of electricity, the type of terrain you will work on, the height you need to achieve and if you will need to reach up and over something. (read more)

Minimize Your Risk on Rented Aerial Work Platforms

By renting an aerial work platform, you can complete high-reach work quickly and easily. Still, aerial work platforms do pose some risks. Injuries or deaths can result from accidents, such as a tip-over, collapse, collision or electrical-source contact. (read more)

Telehandler Rentals Overreach Boundaries

A telelescopic boom distinguishes a telehandler from other types of forklifts. Applications for renting telehandlers include framing, roofing, masonry, landscaping and other construction work. (read more)

Think Load Weight and Reach When Renting Telehandlers

Before renting a telehandler, make sure you know how heavy of a load you have to lift and how high you have to lift it. The following material tells how these factors and other ones will affect your telehandler rental decision. (read more)

Training is Key to Safe Operation of Rented Telehandlers

Federal and some state agencies require that forklift operators of all kinds receive training prior to operating the equipment to prevent injuries or deaths from accidents, such as a tip-over, collapse, collision or electrical-source contact. (read more)

Rental Trenchers for Quick and Easy Digging

When you need to dig a trench quickly and easily without disturbing the surrounding ground too much, you should consider renting a trencher. (read more)

The Many Sizes and Types of Rental Trenchers

Rental trenchers come in many sizes and types. The following material describes the different types of trenchers available to rent. (read more)

What to Look for in a Rental Trencher

When renting a trencher, look for one that can fit where you need it to go and that can dig the needed size of trench. (read more)

Use That Rented Trencher Safely

Almost everyone has heard about the dangers associated with chain saws. Picture then a chained blade - several times larger than a chainsaw blade - that cuts into the ground and you have a trencher. (read more)

Survey Equipment Rental

Do you know where your backyard ends and your neighbor's yard begins? Have you ever wondered how maps are created? These are questions for a surveyor. (read more)

Demolition Begins with a Rented Breaker

Before you can construct something new, you often must demolish the old, especially when it comes to concrete. Rented breakers allow you to break up old concrete and asphalt for removal. (read more)

Power Sources of Rented Breakers Vary

You can rent a breaker powered by electricity, air, gasoline or hydraulics. The type of breaker you should rent depends upon factors such as the size of your project, where you will do the work and what other resources you have available. (read more)

What Do You Need in a Rented Breaker?

You should consider many factors when deciding which breaker to rent. The following material outlines some things that you should keep in mind in order to rent the best breaker for your application. (read more)

Guidelines for Using a Rented Breaker

You likely will not find it difficult to operate a rented breaker once you obtain some experience with it. Here are some tips to help you use your rented breaker safely and correctly. (read more)

Rented Mini-Excavator Results are Anything, but Small

Mini-excavators &mdash; sometimes called compact excavators &mdash; may not have the digging depth of a full-sized excavator, but they excel for small digging operations in close quarters. (read more)

What Do You Need in a Mini-Excavator Rental?

Mini-excavators have evolved considerably over the past 20 years. They now offer more features than ever before, making it easier to rent a mini-excavator that meets your needs. (read more)

Rented Mini-Excavator Safety Tips

Rented mini-excavators may look like toys, but they can cause injury or death if operated improperly. Please review the safety and usage tips. (read more)