Know How to Use a Rented Chain Saw
The possibility of severe or fatal injury while using a rented chain saw makes it extremely important to use the equipment properly and safely. The following safety and usage tips should help you. In addition, make sure to ask your ARA-affiliated rental store professional for instructions on the proper and safe use of the chain saw you rent.
Safety tips
  • Read all manufacturer warnings and instructions prior to using a rented chain saw.
  • When transporting a rented chain saw, place it in a case and secure it with the gas cap pointing up.
  • Wear appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE), such as safety head, eye and ear protection; protective boots; chaps and gloves.
  • Never wear loose clothing or jewelry that can catch on the rented chain saw during use.
Usage tips
  • Rent the appropriate chain saw from your local ARA-affiliated rental store. See A Variety of Chain Saw Rentals for a description of types of chain saws available to rent.
  • Before use and regularly during operation, check the rented chain saw’s tension to make sure that it is neither too tight nor too loose. If necessary, adjust the tension of the chain saw according to the manufacturer’s recommendations.
  • Before use and regularly during operation, check and, if needed, service fluid levels in rented chain saws. Make sure that the chain and guide bar receive required lubrication.
  • To start the rented chain saw, place it on a level surface and hold it firmly, while following the manufacturer’s instructions for starting.
  • Firmly hold the rented chain saw using both hands while operating it.
  • Stand to the side of the rented chain saw when using it.
  • Use the rented chain saw to cut only below shoulder level.
  • Never saw using the tip of the rented chain saw to protect against kickback — the sharp, violent reaction a chain saw has when it catches on the object it is cutting. Kickback can result in injury to the chain saw operator.
Contact your local, ARA-affiliated, rental store for information on available rental products and services to meet your chain saw needs. To locate the rental store nearest you, use the Rental Store Quick Locator above.

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