Floor Sander Rental Options
The floor sanders you need to rent depend on whether you plan to finish, touch up or completely refinish your hardwood floor. The following describes some rental items for sanding floors and their common uses. Your local, rental professional can help you decide which sanding equipment will work best for your planned project.
  • Drum sander. Rent this type of sander when you want to remove all old finish, stain, paint and wax from a hardwood floor quickly. It also will help level the floor and even out deep scratches.
  • Floor edger. Rent this type of sander to sand areas, such as near the baseboard, missed by a floor sander.
  • Orbital sander. Rent this easy-to-handle sander, which moves in an elliptical pattern, to lightly sand out surface scratches on hardwood floors or to prepare the floor for a new finish without removing the floor’s stain color. This versatile sander also enables users to sand, edge and buff between coats.
  • Floor buffer or polisher. Attach a mesh screen to this rental item to use as an alternative to an orbital sander for lightly sanding out scratches in hardwood floors or for preparing the floor for a new finish without removing the floor’s stain color. You also can use it to sand between applying the first and second coats of polyurethane finish. Rotary polishers use round screens, whereas orbital polishers use rectangular screens.
  • Vibrating sander. You can rent this type of sander in place of a screened floor buffer or orbital sander to blend the areas of floor sanded by the floor sander with the areas sanded by the floor edger. It sands using a horizontal, vibrating motion.
  • Belt floor sander. People sometimes rent a belt floor sander instead of a drum sander. Unlike a drum sander, which uses abrasive sheets, a belt sander uses abrasive belts.
  • Disc sander. This type of rental floor sander uses multiple discs to sand a floor. When designed with an elongated nose, it can sand under baseboard heating units, toe kicks and other hard-to-reach areas.
  • Rotary sander. Although less popular than a drum sander, you can rent this type of sander to aggressively sand a floor using a circular motion.
  • Dust control equipment. Rent vacuums specifically designed for eliminating dust to achieve exceptional suction and filtration. Some dust control vacuums can connect directly to dust control ready sanders for the removal of dust.
  • Sanding and refinishing supplies. Most rental stores offer one-stop convenience for everything you need to refinish a hardwood floor. Items available for purchase often include sandpapers, belts, disks, dust bags, solvents, goggles, dust masks, gloves, plastic drop cloths, tack cloths, wood stains, varnishes, floor finishes and applicators.
Contact your local, ARA-affiliated, rental store for information on available rental products and services to meet your floor sanding and refinishing needs. To locate the rental store nearest you, use the Rental Store Quick Locator above.

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