Rental Products for a Cleaner Carpet

People tend to use the term, carpet cleaner, when referring to any equipment used for cleaning a carpet. In reality, not all carpet cleaning equipment is alike. The following describes the differences between various options that rental stores may have available for carpet cleaning.

  • Carpet extractors. Most carpet cleaning equipment rented today falls under this category. Rental carpet extractors, which sometimes are called steam cleaners, allow you to spray hot water and cleaning solution onto the carpet, loosen the carpet’s deep-down dirt with brushes and then vacuum it all up to effectively clean the carpet. Carpet extractors come in heated and non-heated varieties. The heated units heat the water to kill germs better and allow the carpet to dry quicker.
  • Carpet cleaners or shampooers. Renting this carpet cleaning option provides a means of applying water and solution to carpet, but does not vacuum it up. Therefore, the carpet remains wet longer and you may want to rent an airflow machine to speed carpet drying.
  • Dry carpet cleaners. This type of rental carpet cleaner uses dry chemicals or low-moisture cleaning solutions to clean the carpet. Less moisture and residue mean quicker drying times, which helps to prevent the trapping of dirt in moist carpet after cleaning. This rental option also works well on Oriental rugs and non-colorfast fabrics.
  • Steam cleaners. This rental item cleans carpet and upholstery using steam instead of water or chemicals. However, some steam cleaners do permit the use of chemicals for disinfecting in addition to cleaning. When using a steam cleaner, you may find that wrapping a towel around the steam cleaner attachment allows you to extract surface dirt onto the towel. Keep in mind that it is advisable to use caution to prevent burns when steam cleaning since the temperature of the steam ranges from 250 to 270 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Portable mini-extractors. This rental option is ideal for cleaning small, carpeted and upholstered areas or for stain and spot removal.
  • Carpet cleaning solution. For your rented carpet cleaning equipment to clean effectively, you must use a cleaning solution. Most rental stores sell cleaning solutions for use with their carpet cleaning equipment. Available options may include general cleaning solutions, spot removers and “green” solutions. The latter, environmentally friendly solutions leave fewer residues on the carpet and offer a safe option for use around children, pets and people with allergies or weakened immune systems.
  • Air flow machines. Use this rental item to help dry freshly cleaned carpet quicker.
  • Wet/dry vacuums. When a carpeted area becomes flooded, a rented wet/dry vacuum allows you to remove excess floodwater before cleaning the carpet.
  • Commercial upright vacuums. Before cleaning a carpet, you should vacuum it thoroughly. Renting a commercial, dual-motor, upright vacuum with a high brush speed can help you accomplish this step.

Contact your local, ARA-affiliated, rental store for information on available rental products and services to meet your carpet cleaning needs. To locate the rental store nearest you, use the Rental Store Quick Locator above.

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