Survey Equipment Rental
Do you know where your backyard ends and your neighbor's yard begins? Have you ever wondered how maps are created? These are questions for a surveyor. Surveyors measure and draw what the earth's surface looks like.

A surveyor is responsible for accurately measuring — or surveying — land in order to plot out exact locations and distance between points. A surveyor must accurately indicate land elevations, property lines, and land contour for development, division and many other purposes. To do this job, surveyors need an extensive array of tools, many of which can be rented at your local rental store.

Some of the most commonly rented survey tools include automatic levels, controller and collector accessories, survey measuring tapes, tripods and total survey stations. Your local rental store will likely carry all of the survey items you need, plus the staff at the rental store can help with repairs or calibration of equipment.

Because survey equipment can be expensive, it makes sense to rent the necessary tools for the project. Renting ensures that you get the most up to date and well-maintained products for the job. Let the rental store take care of the equipment storage and maintenance so you don’t have to. For all of your equipment needs for a survey job, contact your local rental store.

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