Rental Makes Parties and Events Memorable
The long-awaited event finally had arrived and it promised something for everyone. An arch decorated with multi-colored helium balloons served as the divider that moved those who dared to walk under it from a world full of everyday worries to a carefree setting marked by the savory aroma of butterfly pork chops cooking on a grill.

This land offered plenty of entertainment. Children lined up to play in the inflatable bounce ride. People light on their feet, of all ages, moved rhythmically on the parquet dance floor to the music played by a band on a nearby stage, while those born with two left feet played casino games on portable flooring set up over the grass. Popcorn, cotton candy and snow cones further invited the crowds to become lost in the moment.

This may sound like a commercial endeavor, such as a county fair, festival or carnival. Instead, it is your fundraiser, your corporate event or picnic, your backyard party or family reunion or your wedding. Rental makes these memorable activities - once only possible for entertainment establishments - available to anyone at any time, for fun or for profit.
To locate the rental store nearest you, use the Rental Store Quick Locator above. Just click on the “Find Store” box, type in your zip/postal code, city, state or province and hit the enter key. It really is that easy.

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