A Variety of Inflatable Fun for Rent

Inflatable units may have started out as only small bounce rides for children’s parties, but the rental options have expanded to include mega-sized, interactive units for all ages and even inflated, themed buildings that can house an event. When you go to rent an inflatable unit, be sure to rent all the necessary items to ensure its proper set up and usage. Your ARA-affiliated rental store professional can advise you of what you will need for the safe and successful use of the unit. The following material lists some current rental options related to inflatable units that rental stores might offer.

Inflatable bounce rides. Inflatable bouncers have evolved immensely since the original moonwalk. The vast selection of rental bounce rides now available reflects themes related to animated characters, castles, trains, animals, beaches, sports and much more. Some inflatable bounce rides are combination units that contain activities such as a slide, funhouse, playground or basketball hoops.
Interactive inflatable units. Rent a variety of interactive inflatable units including extreme game challenges, climbing walls, zip lines, obstacle courses, bungee runs, slides, laser tag or other containment games and battle units.
Inflatable games. Many single- or multi-person games, such as Scrabble, Twister, basketball, baseball and boxing now come as giant inflatable units that you can rent.
Inflatable venues. If you equate an inflatable unit to bounce rides only, think again. Now some rental stores offer inflatable structures that you can use as an event venue. Those who need a venue for a wedding, or even a church service, at a remote place, such as the beach, should consider renting an inflatable chapel or cathedral. For a fraternity party, bachelor/bachelorette party or cocktail party, an inflatable pub or nightclub offers a unique, but perfect venue. Inflatable pavilions offer an interesting setting for company picnics or family reunions. Some rental stores also offer inflatable acoustical shells for outside concerts, recitals, awards ceremonies or dramas. These unique options provide enclosed, eye-catching structures that can add to the excitement of an event.
Inflatable concession stands and kiosks. These rental items provide an attractive structure for selling your product.
Inflatable movie screens. You can create a drive-in movie establishment wherever you have room to set up a large, rented, inflatable movie screen.
Signage. Whether you rent the inflatable unit for profit or fun, signage may draw users to the attraction and provide information on rules of use.
Stakes. Rented inflatable units usually require 18-inch stakes for securing the unit to the ground.
Sand bags. When you cannot secure the inflatable unit using stakes, sand bags sometimes can do the job effectively.
Generator. If you plan to use the rented inflatable unit at a site that does not have power, then it may require that you rent a generator to keep the unit inflated.

Contact your local, ARA-affiliated, rental store for information on available rental products and services to meet your inflatable unit needs. To locate the rental store nearest you, use the Rental Store Quick Locator above.

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