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Wedding Equipment Rental
With countless decisions and details — not to mention a budget — planning a wedding is a complicated process. Trying to plan your dream wedding while watching your dollars may seem impossible, but there are several money-saving things you can do.
Renting equipment is a smart choice for brides. Wedding equipment rental stores provide a wide range of options for tents, linens, china, stemware, decorations and more. Think of a wedding equipment rental store as an unending closet full of the latest trends in all of these product categories, so you’ll never have make do with outdated styles and colors.
It’s best to contact an American Rental Association (ARA) wedding equipment rental store about six months prior to your wedding date to ensure availability. Most rental stores have ample inventory to accommodate weddings and receptions of any size, but if you want the season’s trendiest wedding equipment rental items, you should plan ahead.
Many ARA rental stores offer professional assistance for wedding equipment rentals, helping you plan all the intricate details your big day. From linens and décor to china and stemware, rental professionals will make sure you don’t overlook any of the important fine points. You’ll have the event of a lifetime without costs that last a lifetime, too.

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