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Tips on Using a Rented Snow Cone Machine
You can make delicious snow cones for your guests or customers using a rented snow cone machine. The following material provides general tips on using a rented snow cone machine. Your local, ARA rental professionals can provide you with specific instructions for using your rented snow cone machine. Be sure to ask how many snow cones the machine can make in an hour and how much ice you need to make that many snow cones.

Safety tips.

  • Only plug rented snow cone machine into a grounded outlet of appropriate volts and amps.
  • Keep fingers and hands away from shaving unit of rented snow cone machine when motor is running.
  •  Insert only ice into the rented snow cone machine’s ice-crushing compartment.
  •  Keep onlookers at an appropriate distance from rented snow cone machine.
  •  An adult should supervise the operation of the rented snow cone machine.
  •  Place the rented snow cone machine on a stable, level surface, such as a table or counter. To create a more attractive setting, rent a cart specially designed for the snow cone machine.
  • Make sure to set up the rented snow cone machine near a grounded, electrical source, so that you will not need to use an extension cord, unless approved by the machine’s manufacturer.
  •  Inspect rented snow cone machine to ensure proper placement of all parts.
  • Plug in and turn on the rented snow cone machine.
  • Lift the rented snow cone machine’s handle and fill the shaver body, also known as the gooseneck or hopper, about an inch from its top with 3- to 4-inch ice cubes.
  • If the rented snow cone machine has a drain hole, make sure to place it over a bucket or tray to catch the water from melting ice.
  • If necessary, depress the motor switch, while firmly pushing down the rented snow cone machine’s handle to crush ice using the cutting head of the machine. Do not force the handle. Too much pressure results in coarse ice, whereas too little pressure makes ice mushy.
  • Scoop ice into the snow cone container and pump an amount of flavored syrup correct for the container’s size onto the ice.
  • When finished using the rented snow cone machine, turn off switches.
Cleaning. Clean the rented snow cone machine before returning it to the rental store to avoid additional fees.
  • Unplug rented snow cone machine.
  • Use a damp cloth to wipe all surfaces clean.
Contact your local, ARA-affiliated, rental store for information on available rental products and services to meet your snow cone machine needs. To locate the rental store nearest you, use the Rental Store Quick Locator above.

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