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Renting Casino Games Is Not a Gamble
The popularity of casinos has spread throughout the United States. Now you can create your own casino atmosphere by renting casino games for a casino night — sometimes also called a Monte Carlo, Las Vegas or Atlantic City night. At these events, the host or sponsor gives guests fake money or chips to gamble on their favorite games. At the end of the event, players usually use their winnings to obtain prizes — bought outright or as part of some kind of auction or raffle. Appropriate attire for a casino night ranges from black tie to casual dress or even costumes. To add to the fun, hosts can serve hot hors d’oeuvres and drinks or dinner to guests. Renting casino games for an event can provide:
  • Entertainment. Since rented casino games keep guests entertained from two to four hours, they headline at a variety of events, including fundraisers, corporate events aimed at employees or customers, trade shows and sometimes even wedding receptions.
  • Fund raising. Casino nights featuring rented casino games can help raise funds for a selected cause or organization. The promised fun and excitement of the event should draw attendees, who usually pay a flat admission fee, which buys them a set amount of play money and access to all of the gaming options. Food and drink sales at the event can provide additional revenue. Moreover, allowing unlucky guests, who quickly lose their initial play money, to make donations to receive more play money can offer another source of income. Careful planning can ensure that the event makes enough money to cover all of the costs of the event, including the rental of the casino games, and still provides a large yield to support the charitable undertaking. To keep costs down, companies or individuals often donate the prizes given away at the end of the evening.
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