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Rental Offers Contractors a Virtual Equipment Fleet
Every contractor knows that equipment can equate to income. The fact that you do not own an impressive equipment fleet does not mean that you cannot start or expand your business, though. ARA-affiliated rental stores put a vast array of equipment at your disposal. They have all the concrete equipment you need from breakers to power trowels. You can rent an aerial work platform or telehandler when you need to work overhead or a trencher if you need to dig low. A rented skid-steer loader or mini-excavator and all their attachments open up an endless realm of work project possibilities. This small list of rental equipment does not even begin to reveal how much equipment is available for you to rent.
More reasons that rental can help your business include:
  • Gives you the extra equipment you need during peak periods.
  • Lets your crew continue working when your owned equipment breaks down.
  • Provides just the right equipment for the specific application.
  • Allows you to avoid costs associated with equipment purchases, such as sales tax, shipping, insurance, maintenance and storage.
  •  Keeps your overhead costs low to protect you during work slowdowns.
To locate the rental store nearest you, use the Rental Store Quick Locator above. Just click on the “Find Store” box, type in your zip/postal code, city, state or province and hit the enter key. It really is that easy.

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