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Rental: The Cure for the Equipment Challenged Do-It-Yourselfer
Does watching the latest television show on home improvement make you feel like an armchair do-it-yourselfer because you cannot afford to buy the tools used by the show’s host? Cheer up. Rental allows you to move off the couch and onto your own home-improvement projects by making tools that you need available and affordable.
Just imagine it. The inside of your house could have refinished floors, evenly sprayed painted walls, clean carpets and unstopped drains. Outside you would find pressure-washed decks and driveways, chain-sawed firewood over a ground stump in the spot previously occupied by a dead tree and a lawn displaying the benefits of an aerator and dethatcher. This list provides only a sampling of the possible transformations of your home that rental equipment can help you achieve.
Do not only imagine it, though. The time has come for you to use your television degree on home improvement. Go out and find the nearest ARA-affiliated rental store, so that you can rent all that you need.
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