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Rent a Concrete Saw to Match the Application
Making sure that you rent the best concrete saw for your particular application goes a long way to ensure that you complete your project successfully. Read more about types of concrete saws available to rent.
  • Cut-off concrete saw. Rent this handheld concrete saw for cutting overhead or through walls. In addition to concrete, they also can cut stone, asphalt and steel. These concrete saws commonly use 12- to 18-inch blades for making 4- to 10-inch cuts. Power sources for cut-off concrete saws include gas, electricity, air or hydraulics.
  • Walk-behind concrete saw. Also referred to as a pavement saw, this rental concrete saw works well for cutting concrete floors or pavement. Power options include electricity, air, gas, diesel and propane. Walk-behind concrete saws come in manual models that often use 10- to 18-inch blades or self-propelled models that use 16- to 36-inch or greater blades.
  • Concrete chain saw. This rental option provides a means of accomplishing tough concrete cuts, commonly as deep as 14 inches or more. You can rent gas, hydraulic or pneumatic models. In addition to straight cuts, concrete chain saws allow you to accomplish square, plunge, corner or irregular cuts.
  • Concrete crack saw. Rent this type of concrete saw to enlarge irregular cracks in concrete for repairing.
  • Green concrete saw. The design of this concrete saw allows you to cut concrete that has not cured fully to create joints for controlling concrete cracking or to make decorative cuts. Green concrete saws come in both handheld and either manual or self-propelled walk-behind models.
  • Accessories. When you rent a concrete saw, make sure to pick up the proper accessories, such as blades, personal protective equipment, two-cycle engine oil, filters, etc. Diamond blades work well for concrete demolition work, but some applications require specialty blades. Many rental stores offer these accessories for your convenience.

Contact your local, ARA-affiliated, rental store for information on available rental products and services to meet your concrete saw needs. To locate the rental store nearest you, use the Rental Store Quick Locator above.

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