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Rent All You Need to Make Snow Cones

Rental stores usually carry everything needed to make snow cones, except the ice. When you go to rent a snow cone machine, make sure to rent or buy everything you need. Rental stores may offer the following items related to making snow cones.

Snow cone machine. Rental stores carry different models of snow cone machines. Some snow cone machines for rent include a lighted glass case for holding the processed ice. Other snow cone machines come in the shape of an igloo. Still others include a plastic tub, instead of a glass case, for catching the processed ice. Some form of the words, “Snow Cones,” appears on many rental snow cone machines to draw attention to the product. A snow cone machine also may come with its own cart.
Shaved ice machine. You can consider the New Orleans’ snowball, aptly named because of its snow-like consistency, a close cousin to the snow cone. Unlike a snow cone made from crushed ice, you use shaved block ice to create a snowball. The best way to shave the ice to the perfect consistency needed to make a snowball is by renting a shaved ice machine.
Snow cone machine cart. When you rent a snow cone machine, you will need a place to put it if it does not come with a cart of its own. Any stable table or counter usually will do. However, by renting a cart designed especially for the snow cone machine, you not only have a place for the snow cone machine, but it also advertises your product because they usually have some variation of the words, “Snow Cone” written on them. They also often contain storage areas for extra supplies.
Snow cone sign. For those who do not want to rent a cart for advertising the snow cones, a “Snow Cone” lighted sign may serve as an ideal option for drawing attention to your product. Check on availability of these signs at the rental store where you rent your snow cone machine.
Syrup. After ice, the next key ingredient to snow cones is syrup. A snow cone’s flavor and color depend on the syrup used. Popular flavors include cherry, blue raspberry, grape and lemon lime, but there are many other taste-sensation possibilities available. Syrup comes in ready-to-use, concentrate or sugar-free varieties. Some rental stores may include syrup in the cost of the rental.
Snow cone containers. You also will need containers to hold the snow cones that you make. Common options include plastic or Styrofoam cups or cones. A clear container works nicely for making rainbow snow cones that contain layers of different flavored ice. You often can purchase appropriate containers for snow cones at the rental store where you rent the snow cone machine. You also may need to offer straws, spoons or a straw-spoon combination to aid in consuming the snow cone in the container.
Snow cone accessories. Do not forget additional items that you will need while making your snow cones. These items may include dispensers that hold more than one flavor of syrup for snow cones, ice tubs, snow cone holders, ice scoops or sanitary gloves. Rental stores often offer these products for either sale or rent.

Contact your local, ARA-affiliated, rental store for information on available rental products and services to meet your snow cone machine needs. To locate the rental store nearest you, use the Rental Store Quick Locator above.

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