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Removing Shrubs the Easy Way

Often times, a shrub that is not well maintained will outgrow its space and needs to be removed. This task can be made easier by renting the necessary tools – saving time and money. It’s important to first survey the area and be sure there are no underground services or wires in the spot that you will be digging. Once the vicinity is deemed clear, it’s time to get to work.

Start by removing the branches from the top of the shrub to the bottom by using a rented tree trimmer from your local rental store. A chainsaw can be used for branches within reach and the trunk, but it is not recommended to use them alone. Next, rent a chipper and feed the branches in, turning them into mulch, which can later be used to protect new plantings.

To work the root ball loose, use a shovel and start by removing dirt around the stump. Keep clearing dirt and chopping roots until you can dig out the root ball with a rented skidsteer or other piece of equipment. A rented rototiller can work up the area and get it ready for new plants. Place the plants and add top soil for extra nourishment and a layer of mulch for a beautifully landscaped area.

For more information and a video on how to remove an overgrown shrub, click here

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