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Preventing Injuries from Rented Concrete Saws
Concrete saws can cut through nearly any type of material, including flesh and bone. To prevent injuries while using a rented concrete saw, use extreme caution and follow these tips.

Safety tips
  • Read all manufacturer warnings and instructions prior to using your rented concrete saw.
  • Follow safe lifting practices when loading and unloading rented concrete saws.
  • Properly secure rented concrete saw when you transport it.
  • Wear appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE), such as safety head, eye and ear protection; dust mask or respirator; protective boots; chaps and gloves.
  • Never wear loose clothing or jewelry that can catch on the rented concrete saw during use.
  • Connect a rented, electric concrete saw to a grounded outlet only.
  • Keep onlookers at an appropriate distance from the worksite.
Usage tips
  • Rent the appropriate concrete saw from your local ARA-affiliated rental store. See Rent a Concrete Saw to Match the Application and Consider Features When Renting a Concrete Saw for more information to aid you in your concrete saw rental selection.
  • Before use and regularly during operation, check and, if needed, service fluid levels in rented concrete saws. In gas-powered concrete saws, mix fuel with oil prescribed by engine manufacturer. Make sure that the chain and guide bar on rented concrete chain saws receive required lubrication.
  • Before use and regularly during operation, check the rented concrete chain saw’s tension to make sure that it is neither too tight nor too loose. If necessary, adjust its tension according to the manufacturer’s recommendations.
  • Use the correct blade or chain on the rented concrete saw for the type of material you will cut.
  • Never use worn or damaged blades on rented concrete saws.
  • Never operate a rented concrete saw without the guards in place.
  • To start a rented concrete chain saw, place it on a level surface and hold it firmly, while following the manufacturer’s instructions for starting.
  • Firmly hold the rented concrete saw while operating it.
  • Do not apply too much pressure to the rented concrete saw while cutting. Let the saw do the work for you.
  • When using a wet-cut kit, use an appropriate amount of water to prevent extra slurry or the hydroplaning of the rented concrete saw.
Contact your local, ARA-affiliated, rental store for information on available rental products and services to meet your concrete saw needs. To locate the rental store nearest you, use the Rental Store Quick Locator above.

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