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Paint Sprayer Rental Options
Your local, ARA-affiliated rental store has a variety of paint sprayers and related items that you can rent for your painting project. The following describes some of the rental possibilities available.
  • Airless paint sprayer. This type of paint sprayer rental uses a pump to create high pressure for pushing the paint through the spray tip and does not require compressed air. It works well for big paint projects. Most rental airless paint sprayers today feature a piston design, rather than a diaphragm design. The piston-type sprayers can handle thicker paints and tend to clog less than their diaphragm counterparts do.
  • High volume, low pressure (HVLP) paint sprayer. An HVLP paint sprayer uses compressed air to spray the paint. Rent this paint sprayer for smaller, fine-finish paint jobs, such as wood trim, cabinets or metal shelves. It creates less overspray than an airless paint sprayer, which makes it perfect for painting one area without worrying about getting paint on the surrounding area.
  • Texture sprayer. Apply textured finishes, such as acoustic material, using a rented texture sprayer. This self-contained sprayer includes an air compressor.
  • Paint sprayer accessories. Plan for the unexpected and keep your project moving by renting paint sprayer accessories, such as an extra hose, a pole extension or a paint strainer.
  • Painting supplies. Some rental stores also sell consumable painting supplies, such as paint, cleaning fluids, drop cloths, masks and gloves.
Contact your local, ARA-affiliated, rental store for information on available rental produc

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