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A Rental That Grinds Tree Stumps Away
A tree cut down either intentionally or by an act of God leaves an unsightly stump in the ground. Stump grinders, also known as stump cutters, can remove the final evidence that the tree ever existed. The sharp teeth on the stump grinder’s cutting wheel cut into the stump and pulverize it. Here are some reasons to rent a stump grinder.
  • Helpful. People rent stump grinders to clear land for new construction and to remove stumps for landscaping ascetics.
  • Saves time and labor. Do not attempt the backbreaking work of removing a large stump by cutting it using an axe or handsaw and then digging it out with a shovel. Instead, rent a stump grinder and remove it quickly and easily.
  • Control costs. Most people would not consider buying a stump grinder for themselves and even find it cost prohibitive to hire a professional to remove stumps. Renting offers a practical solution for stump removal. Moreover, if a storm takes out several trees in one area, neighbors can save money by sharing the cost of the stump grinder rental for final cleanup touches.
  • Establish or expand a business. Renting stump grinders enables entrepreneurs to offer stump removal services without a large initial capital investment for quality equipment. It also helps established tree-trimming businesses expand into stump removal services inexpensively. Some small contractors prefer renting stump grinders because it allows them to use newer equipment, but not have to maintain it entirely on their own.
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